Securing my Garage?

I have two up and over garage doors each with a single lock that moves one locking bolt. I would like to add additional locks internally so as to be discrete. My initial thought was to add 4 mag locks, one to each side of each door at the bottom. How would I go about setting this up and controlling it via smartthings, they are twelve volt devices which need always on power to lock. Or alternatively how would you go about it?

  1. are these doors motorized? Automating locks must be integrated with the motor to avoid destroying the motor, door or both. I’ll assume there is no garage door opener, but it is important.

  2. discrete? Do you mean to separate and lock doors individually?

  3. don’t use LFM-20 - anecdotally unreliable. To remotely lock and unlock then plug 12vdc wall-wart-powersupply into ST plugin outlet. Typical for 2 doors.

  4. expect and design for occasional failures to unlock, and power failures. I would not do this over internet - keys work fine for me. Do you expect to distantly-remotely unlock for other people that are on-site? If so then are occasional failures acceptable?

Double glazed manual multi-lock side door should be good enough, I’d love a Yale Z-Wave lock for multi-point locks but at £400 they can go fish, there standard door offering is £70 I don’t get the £320 premium :frowning:

Apologies for the late reply, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

    • you mentioned 12vdc maglocks, I suggested Zwave plugin module for a plugin 12vdc powersupply to drive the locks. Note powerfailure or attack on your power would defeat the locks (they are fail-insecure). IMO UPS’s are not too reliable, so I would prefer a fail-secure lock on these doors.

Electric “strikes” in the door jamb of typical swing doors, maybe that could be fail-secure - not sure. Applying those to a garage door seems impossible. You need a real security guy for definite answers - I’m sure electric garage door security standards have been well established.

by “Typical for 2 doors” that is just a design blurb/phrase meaning that quoted quantities double for multiple systems.

Liftmaster has something like this. Mine came with it and its a great idea.

This is the unit I have:

And this is the bolt unit

That would be perfect desertblade, wonder if I could get them to work standalone?
Do they have a snap bolt, i.e. does the bolt have a camber on it to allow it to run into the slot or is it flat and therefore needs to be retracted aligned and then it extends?

Not sure if they work alone, but you could probably wire it up. Purchasing 2 units from Amazon in the US is $580 and it is not an overhead model which is kinda nice.

Basically you drill a hole in the rails that the garage door runs on. It pokes through and hits the garage door wheels that go into the rail.

Home depot has a similar unit for all garage doors.

Edit: changed the secondary option to one that you can buy