Secondary Controller Hub Questions

I’ve never installed a secondary hub and am still trying to learn about how to do it and what it can actually do (or not do).

I have a Staples Connect which is no longer supported. I use it in our bedroom to controller 2 z-wave lights and 2 Lutron dimmers by using Lutron Picos remotes. My wife and I love the Pico Remotes and use them daily.

My Smartthings Hub controls everything else in the house including various z-wave, zigbee, and wifi devices.

If I setup the Staples Connect as a secondary controller to the Smartthings will I be able to use the Pico Remotes to control devices on the Smartthings Hub? When setting up secondary controller does that mean that both hubs learn the z-wave network of the other hub…or is this just a one-way learning of z-wave? If one-way, is the primary learning from the secondary or vice-versa?

What is the process for setting up the secondary controller? Do I put both hubs in-wave learn mode and then accept the new device on the primary or the secondary?

Sorry for all of the newbie questions…I just don’t want to screw things up since there is no configuration backup on the Smartthings hub.

Also, can there be multiple secondary controllers?

just thought I would tag a couple of users that I believe have multiple hubs and may be able to answer your question with expertize. They both have day jobs, but very helpful to this community ! Good luck

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I decided to just experiment yesterday and tried to setup the Staples Connect as a secondary controller for the Smartthings. Then after I decided I wanted to do it the other way I setup the Smartthings as a secondary controller for the Staples Connect. I noticed the zwave devices that were on my ST were now visible on the SC. By the end of the day I simply wanted to put everything back the way it was originally…but now I’ve got major problems. I can not get my ST to learn any of the zwave devices that had originally been there. I was able to remove them from SC. In fact, I even readded them to SC just to make sure that I was pairing them correctly and then removed them again. I have tried everything to get them to connect to ST but ST doesn’t seem to see them. I’ve tried the general exclude which works (it sees the device to do the exclude) but still won’t pair with same device. I’ve tried rebooting the hub, repairing the zwave network, disabling and enabling zwave…nothing works.

I’ve noticed that the hub now calls itself zwave ID 2…is this the problem? Shouldn’t the hub be zwave ID 1? I assume this is from the earlier joining to the SC. How can I fix this? Help!

Sorry, I can’t help much - while I have multiple hubs, they are each at a different location.

You may find, though, that you need to have each of the Z-Wave devices “forget” their prior pairing to the SC. Somewhere in the documentation for those devices there should be a description of how to get them to reset to factor state.

Beyond that, I can’t be of much assistance…sorry.