Scrolling through multiple ActionTiles Panels?

Is there a way to scroll thru multiple panels in actiontile?

I created a panel called explore panels. I put a link to all panels in the explore panels.

Then I put the explore panels in each panel… if that makes sense.


You can put links (in the form of Panel Shortcut Tiles) on any Panel to any other Panel, thus customizing exactly where you want to put your navigation.

We recommend putting your most used Tiles (especially the ones with important visual information) “above the fold” on your favorite Panel(s) so that you don’t have to scroll or navigate. Slightly less used Tiles can be placed further down and scrolled to normally. And special purpose Panels (e.g., Panel of Batteries, Temperatures, all Security Sensors, other Rooms) should be linked via Panel Shortcut Tiles.

There’s a lot of examples in the Facebook: SmartThings Users Group.
Here’s a video showing a Customer’s navigation design:

And we have a gallery post on the ActionTiles Feedback Forum:

Awesome, thanks for the info.

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Terry, I am truly a newbie, so please excuse my ignorance, but is there a way to have a “home” screen with only a few buttons that once pressed goes to another screen with a bunch of buttons? For example, main screen having a large tile that has device type like “lights” and you hit that button and and all lights show up… any way to do that?

Yup! (BTW: Please visit for quicker responses.).

Create as many different Panels as you wish. A Panel is a set of Tilesets which are a set of Tiles; and a Panel has various Panel-level settings (e.g., a Theme, a PIN code for PIN Protect Tiles, and a set of Buddies (if shared)).

On any Panel you can add one or more Panel Shortcut Tiles to link to any other Panel.

So if you do want a parent/child relationship; your “parent” Panel would consist of mostly Panel Shortcut Tiles to child Panels. You can return to the parent with the back-key; or you can put a Panel Shortcut to the parent, or even its siblings, or grand-children…

Panel Shortcuts are found under the “+” button at the top of every Tileset:


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