Schlege Century wont connect to Smartthings unless you leave default settings for password length

I spent all day trying to get this lock to connect to my hub. Before trying to connect I set the default code from being 4 to 6 to add some security. After that I added two codes to the lock via keypad. After that I tried many times to have it pair and it give the message that the keys could be exchanged but the device was joined to my z-wave network. I would immediately remove the device and unjoin the lock and got the green checkmark on the lock along with the app deleting the device.

I then tried pairing with an old Vera 3 and it paired immediately and my 6 digit codes worked fine also and Vera recognized the lock code owners. I then unjoined form the vera 3.

Then I did a factory reset and left everything at default. I was then able to join the lock the SmartThings and it now works. I fear now updating the settings to allow for 6 number codes for that the lock would stop working on SmartThings.

Has anyone been able to get their lock to use the 6 or 8 number password feature on this lock with SmartThings.


My Schlage lock is connected to ST and I am using codes with 8 numbers

I’ve got the Schlage connect deadbolt paired to ST and I’m using a 6 digit code. I paired the deadbolt first. Once I verified that everything was working, from the lock I changed the code length from 4 digits to 6 digits. Once that was done I went into my lock manager smartapp and created 4 or 5 different 6 digit codes.

I hope this helps!

Thanks I tried the codes on the keypad to change the length and bam I got the message in SmartThinigs that the codes were cleared. Yes it stayed joined! Added my codes back in thought the app and it works great. Locks and Zwave have so twitchy for me in the past with Vera and was worried that SmartThings had the same issues.

Awesome! Yeah, once I set my locks up they’ve been rock solid. I’ve got a total of 4 and I think the oldest is going one two years old. Now, trying to convince the wife why we need 6 digit codes… that’s another story! haha Cheers!

Why DO you need 6 digit codes?