Schlange FE599 with z wave

I just put in the lock on the door, how do i make it go into pairing mode?

According to the manual…

Put the ST hub into inclusion mode for the lock
At the lock, enter your 6 digit programming code
Wait for the 3 lights and 3 beeps
Press the Schlage button and press 0 (zero)

The blinking light indicates it was paired successfully

Do have the PDF of it? Thanks

But tagging @RBoy who is the lock expert.

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@RBoy i have ADT ( non pluses) and ST hud i don’t see include on my hud when I try to pairing the lock (PC + button +0) it is blinking red. What i should do?

Red could mean one of a few things:

  1. The master code is incorrect
  2. The lock is too far away from the hub
  3. The lock needs to be excluded before pairing