Schlage Zwave deadbolt and IOS

Hello -

Trying to get a Schlage Zwave deadbolt to work on an IOS device. I loaded Smarthings on the device, it sees the deadbolt status as well as battery level so I know it is connected but when I try to lock it I get a server timeout message. The lock works perfect on my Android device.

I have the same issue with my old Schlage zwave I can see the battery level but nothing else. I know it worked years ago but after getting frustrated at the time with home automation I recently (last weekend) decided to start using my ST hub and got all sensors back online. Not sure if there is a way to update the Schlage firmware or anything (my lock is probably 6-7 years old).

Tagging @rboy, Who is an expert on locks, in case he has any more to add. :thinking:

Reinstall the iOS app - the latest update seems to have fixed some connection issues.

Also check the ide device page and see if the raw description has any 0000’s in it

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Thanks. I’m not sure when it was updated last but we just installed it for the first time this past Saturday.

I figured out how to log into IDE (I’m new) and the raw description is attached. Not too many 000’s?

Also reinstalled the app and no change for me.

What is the firmware version of your hub?

V2 hub firmware 000.041.00008