Schlage ZigBee lock local mode vs cloud?

Hi everyone,

Our local ISP is having a major outage due to weather conditions and well, my Schlage ZigBee lock is no longer automatically locking (gasp). Discovering the hard way this is cloud driven I assume.

Is there a way to move this integration from cloud to local? ( I think it’s called edge)

I could always set something up on home assistant which I have running on a VM as a backup but prefer to keep it all on ST.


start with the following guide to get started with Edge… all the details you will need going forward:

basically the short version:

  • uninstall the lock
  • remove any custom Device Handlers you may have been using for it
  • install the Edge Zigbee lock driver
  • pair the lock

good tool to use in place of IDE:

or you don’t have to do anything, ST should convert it at some point after April 15th.

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Thanks, will wait for the 15th as this is simpler, thanks!!

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more details on the migration to Edge:

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