Schlage Nexia Lock Remote Administration

@kirsten27 you can still add any code from the lock itself. Adding lock codes from the app is coming as well. As is the ability to get notifications on which specific code was used to open the door.

You can setup the lock to do a variety of things like lock/unlock automatically when you arrive/leave. You can also control it manually from your app.

So I started this thread over a year ago hoping to get full support for my Schlage locks. Something I had with MCV before switching to Smartthings. I have seen very little progress in over a year. The only improvement in the lock support is that the log now shows which code # unlocked the door.

The ability to set and remove pins, set schedules for the lock and assign names to codes are the most important features that I am looking for. Smartthings has a nice user interface in their apps and I have set some cool IFTT, but of the 20+ devices attached to my Smartthings, the locks are the most important.

What is going on with the developers? This was supposed to be a priority. If MCV and Nexia have it figured out, then Smartthings certainly should too.

Any updates would be appreciated.


Have there been any improvements on this? I’d like to buy the FE469NX handle set, but need the ability to trigger specific actions based of which code was used - at a minimum*. Ideally I’d like to prevent certain codes from being used outside of a schedule, but suspect that is not yet possible…?

At a minimum - When code 1,2, or 3 are used during any time of day mode is set to “Home”, alarm alert level is deactivated, and other home-state actions are initiated. When code 4 is used during any time of day mode is set to “Nanny” and majority of alerts are ignored. When code 5 is used during a set time window, mode is set to “Maid” and majority of alerts are ignored. If code 5 is used outside of that window, the lock itself will unlock (because codes cannot be managed by ST), but the alarms will not deactivated, etc.
^ Is all that possible with the Schlage locks right now without custom development?


Any update on this remote administration feature?


Okay this SmartApp works with my Schlage lock to create, update and delete users.

Thanks @duncan

That is helpful Rboy, but kind of annoying this is 2 years old and they said they would do it, but it still isn’t done officially.

I agree with you.

I gave up for my vacation rental. Installing a Lockstate lock that gives me FULL functionality thru the web or phone app. Total flexibility on setting up and controlling access codes. I have this lock in my home for 1.5 years. When I added my LS hub they were still really new and didn’t have locks. I tried to use a Schlage in the vacation spot but being 2 hours away no control through an app makes it a non-starter. They say it is coming but I need it now. Can’t wait.

Not possible with my Schlage599IR. Gave up for Lockstate lock.

ANYONE - Just wanted to know if there is an update on the ability to do Remote Administration on Schlage Locks. I get the notification and alarms - BUT WHAT about Availability to change, add and delete PIN numbers.


Leave this here: [Depricated] Lock Code Manager and (Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock

Really ? I have to get into Downloading IDE’s and Cut and Pasting Code?
Shouldn’t Schlage Locks be automatically supported?

I am extremely Skeptical

Schlage locks are “supported” using the standard Device Type. No cutting and pasting required. However, you will not be able to add, view, delete User Codes. Only lock/unlock and see status.

If you want to get better programming options, use this:

That will let you turn Auto Lock on/off, turn Lock and Leave on/off, set Alarm Sensitivity, and query status and battery life.

If you want to set, delete, view User Codes, use this:


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@pickerin Rob if you’ve installed the User Lock Mgmt SmartApp:

You could also use the corresponding SmartDevice I’ve written for Schlage locks:

This would allow you use the Invalid Codes notifications with the User Management App and also use another SmartApp I’ve written to change the Schlage Lock sensitivity and alarm setting automatically when the mode changes (e.g. Alert while Home, Tamper while away) and use the Alarm on the lock as a proxy for a motion sensor (ie. it reports motion when the alarm is set off).

The IDE is really just a website. The ability to create custom code is one of the advantages of smartthings. Its a great way to keep the price down, and allow massive support of devices.

Nexia is a great example, hardware costs about the same, but monthly subscription. I am sure smartthings can support way more devices and add a ton of features if everyone was willing to pay $10 a month.

I agree though that I would like them to promote home grown solutions into their repository so it makes it easy to add more devices.

@bluminicoop, what did you wind up going with for the Schlage Lock controls if it was not the SmartThings hub.
I am using SmartThings for thermostats and Nexia for the locks (SmartThings hub can go below 55 degrees while nexia cannot. Would love to know what you wound up going with

I gave up on Schlage and any lock interface with ST. I love my LOCKSTATE lock. I have 6. One on my home. 4 short term rentals and my business. Best functionality for my needs. So I have nest, LOCKSTATE and ST to deal with. It would be great if they could play together but not the end of the world. Hope this helps.

This definitely helps, but are you using SmartThings to run the locks you purchased or one of the other?

I use ST for doors, window and motion. I have rentals and like knowing when doors are open. Especially sliders. If left open in the rain I could have big issues. The motion has come in handy a couple of times as well. None of my locks or thermostats are connected to ST.

Thank you for this update Karen, very helpful and will look into Lockstate for future, unfortunately I have so many Schlage locks onsite already that it may not be viable to swap at this point : (

I know this is an older post but I still wanted to add my comments here. I just connected my BE369 to my Smartthings hub and it paired just fine. It works well reading the battery level and locking / unlocking, of course, you have to turn the dead bolt manually. On a side note, I had this lock installed for 8+ years. I recently got a red light on the Schlage button which indicates low battery. As I took of the inner cover and removed the battery tray that holds the three AA batteries, unfortunately it came out in pieces. The door faces the hot SW Florida sun and I guess that did it in. I called Schlage to see if I could get a battery tray and they said they didn’t have that part and offered to send me a complete new BE369!

I wanted to be able to program lock codes from the Smartthings app but did not see the area right away. It shows when you are on the main page in the Home Solutions area. Once you click Smart Locks there, you can see the add / delete codes section.