Schlage Lock Worth it?

I have Schlage Lock with Z-Wave. I love the lock, but I am wondering if connecting it to the internet worth it? Is there a way to view the status (lock/unlock) only? How secure if SmartThings?

In my opinion, a lock is only as secure as the building around it. A determined thief or burglar is likely to find a way into the house regardless of the lock chosen. In most cases, a brick through a window or sliding glass patio door will do nicely. Or a pick set.

It seems to me that it is much more difficult to crack into a lock through the z-wave or zigbee network than it is just to break in the old-fashioned way.

That said, your lock is exposed to anyone who has access to your account including users you designate, the SmartThings staff, and hackers. You essentially give them the literal keys to your house. Also, nothing is stoping you from using stupid automations that accidentally unlock your door when you don’t want them to. If you search the forum, you’ll also see plenty of people (myself included) complaining about SmartThings malfunctions that result in unlocked doors.

So, go in with your eyes wide open. But also ask yourself honestly how secure you think your home is already…

I understand that using a brick is probably easier than hacking into the network. I guess what I am trying to see how bad is Smart things about unlocking the lock. I am interest to know more about the status (is the lock unlocked/or when it unlocks) than unlocking from my phone.

I did some research on the DH capabilities for locks. I know I can poll the status info. If I create a DH that does not have unlock capability, is there still a risk that Smart things will some how unlock it? What is the extent of the malfunction?

When I switch to a smart lock I do not see myself connecting it to ST. I’m fine with being able to open from my iPhone ir simply using the number pad.

I would imagine that if someone experienced “accidental” unlocking, it would typically be caused by faulty logic or misbehavior from a smartapp or CoRE piston that’s been configured. It might be prudent to only configure such things for locking and never unlocking. For example, I have a smartapp configuration that locks the door once it is shut. It seems to work 95% of the time but it’s for convenience not essential for securing the house. If for some reason that would result in an accidental lock, it won’t compromise the home security.

I personally like the benefit of setting up rules that lock the house each time the door is closed, at night, or when we leave the house, etc. (I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to setting up my autolock rules so that they would provide optimal security.) I also like the ability to tell Alexa to lock my doors, or ask her if a door is locked. (She won’t unlock because I use her out of box smarthome skill which doesn’t allow that capability.)

It is worth it in my opinion and I agree with the above posts. I love the convenience of being able to lock/unlock electronically but for me the only automation I have involving my lock only involves locking. Anything unlocking, I try to incorporate a prompt.

Amazon has the August lock on sale today for $183

I have 2 Schlage zwaves and 2 Bluetooth. I have zero automation setup for the zwaves thru ST, like @alk comment from above too many exposure . I have integrated them into homebridge where i use homekit to control them. With the Bluetooth I prefer using the Schlage app or homekit which I feel is a bit more secure and reliable.

Here is one perspective. There are hundreds of vacation property owners who are using our apps to connect and control their remote homes locks for a few years now. No incidents yet. In fact it can tell you if your battery is draining low so you can modify it. Do note that different types of locks have different thresholds. E.g. Deadbolt locks go dead at about 50-60% where as electronic latches go on to about 30-40%. There is another thread I had posted some details on this. So keep in mind that the lock may not remind you about dying batteries because of the above issue. Only ST can help there.
Another advantage if ST, if you’re concerned about someone opening it remotely, on the flip side if the door is left unlocked or is unlocked you can be notified right away. Even better is if you forget to lock it when you leav home the routine can lock for it for you. Some advantages to connecting it to st. It acts like a personal butler or auditor to your lock keeping you informed about it.

Schlage is an excellent lock and depending on your model you can exploit a few more features.

So here’s an example if you have a BE469 or eq. Lock it has a built in alarm. You can connect that alarm with SmartThings and get notified if anyone is trying to tamper with your door. You can automatically configure the lock sensitivity based on modes so if you’re home you may want it to set it to alert to beep but if you’re away you want it very sensitive and set to tamper alarm which can set off other auxiliary alarms also.

So if you have the lock already id say with the right setup it would be even more secure.

Here’s an example of the SmartApp in this thread for Schlage locks which can do that

thanks all for advice…