Schlage Lock Connect

I have installed the 599 in a vacation unit. I got one that had a wifi issue. Schlage being a great company sent me a new one. That worked great with the app is all you want to do is lock and unlock and see the status and what code was used. You cannot set codes from the app. Not yet or not without an add on app. That was a deal breaker for me. I am replacing that lock with a Lockstate. Can’t view or manage in ST but CAN remotely add and delete codes which is important. I have an open/close sensor on the door so I still feel like I know what is happening. It is a vacation rental 2 hours away so remote code setting spares me from having to give people the same codes.

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There is an ST smart app to change codes, it’s called Lock Code Manager.

I got the camelot, went to add it to my ST2 hub and my ap recognized it but the lock didnt sync and now im stuck. I cant delete it from the hub yet i cant control it either and now the ST help desk is backed up and cant answer me

Toasty where is that ap i dont see it in marketplace?

It’s here on the forums

How to fix a Schlage lock that will not pair. The lock will pair if to far away from the HUB, but not work. It will say that there is a security violation. The following procedure must be done exactly to work. It took me more that a few hours to find what worked. The reset lock command will not reset the Z-Wave part of the lock, a exclude must be done. Some times the remove lock from the app will work but not all ways.

The lock needs to be installed in the door. Do a reset by removing the battery and holding down on the Schlage button on the out side of the door and connect the battery. The lock will blink twice. Enter a default unlock code as read from back of the lock or book. The lock will go thought a calibration. Extend the bolt on the lock by pressing the Schlage button on the outside of lock. Bring the Hub within 1 foot of the lock ( I used a long network cable). Go the the z-wave utility in the app. Issue a general exclude. Enter the programming code on the lock then go to exclude mode by entering 0 in the lock. The light on lock will blink faster. Magic will occur. Make sure that the green check make appears. The app will say one device excluded.

It will pair now.

Secured devices need to be very close to the hub during the pairing process. I dragged my hub within 2-3 feet for the secured inclusion to happen. Thereafter you can move the hub back to its position.
Of course YMMV. Have the same brand and model.

Hi, I’ve installed Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt (BE469…) and prior to installing on door paired with SmartThing Hub. After successful pairing with Z-wave, I can see basic control such as open/close/refresh on app. Unfortunately, Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt lock works great by itself but cannot operate using ST App on iOS device. I tried to remove Z-wave device and recreated pair again as directed in link ( ) but issue is still present.

When I follow steps on lock “Schlage button on the lock”++0 button then ST Hub App immediately found hardware as expected but lock amber flashing lights continue to flash for a while and then flash red X light. Could it be a reason for a problem? If yes, how to fix this? I tried 2-3 times so far removing/adding Z-wave device onto network.

Please advise

Hey guys as supporter of the lockitron which has taken over 2 years to get out in production,
They now tell me they aren’t producing it in oil
Rubbed bronze for a while. I’ve had enough waiting and am looking into another lock, and so far am
Leaning towards the century schlage. What are your experiences?

That’s what I was worried about, when I installed my doors I did it so a little lean on the door would make the deadbolt line up better thereby giving a better deal against the gasket. It’ll close with one hand but you can feel it hit the edge.

My internet service provider had a short outage of service, after which I got an alert my Smartthings 2 hub was disconnected. I was easily able to get it to activate, but it seems to have lost the connection it had with my Schlage Connect. I think I can add it as a new device, but I don’t want to lose all my codes. Any advice? Can I expect this to happen anytime the service is interrupted?