Schlage Z-wave door set $239 ( 20% off) HD

Home Depot pro deal of the weak is Schlage connect door sets ( lock and handset ) for $239.20 .


Wow … I can buy a car for that amount :wink:


Sticky keys LOL


Just installed a 2nd Schlage Camelot this evening. I needed a lager hole (2.125") in this door and had to run to Lowes for their Irwin lock set jig set $15. Once the hole was resized it took about 5 minutes to install and connect to the hub.

The 1st one has been in for about 2 weeks and is working as it should.Battery still at 100% Other than being a bit loud I like them.

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love mine - just have the deadbolt. wish i could get the piece of s to work with ST.

What’s the issue ? I have 2 of the dead bolts and they work perfect with ST. ( Using custom device type and lock code manager )

What issue are you having? I ended up going wth a custom device manager, but I never had any issues getting mine to work with ST.

I have had the lock installed for months. Just got ST. ST never sees it. I tried the instructions here and never seems to find it. I use the schlage sense app and I think it says you cannot use manual programming in the book. Guess I need to factory default it and start over.

Hub was within inches of lock.

Might not hurt - not sure what you mean by “you cannot use manual programming” though.

I had a little issue pairing the one I installed last night. I had to exclude it twice (put the app in zwave exclude mode, press the Schlage button on the keypad, enter the 6 digit code then press zero)
After the first exclusion I got a red X, Excluded it again and still and red X. After the 2nd exclusion and 3rd try I got the green check mark. It was very very 10-15 slow to respond on the first 6-7 cycles of open close, then responded quickly.

(To pair: press the Schlage button on the keypad, enter the 6 digit code then press zero)

i was using the instructions i found here - press inside button, enter programming code, and 0. after doing so i never saw any lights flash on the lock. in the manual - i will find it shortly, it says that if you have enabled programming via the Sense App, manual programming is disabled.

You don’t use the inside button - you press the Schlage button outside - then the programming code…at least on mine…

you are correct. i tried both and got no response. question - when i enter the programming sequence should the green check light up? i never get that acknowledgement or any kind from the lock that it is in the proper mode.

Sorry so dense, but is this a two-door set, or just for one door?
I’m not sure what all of the different pieces are for, and it looks like there are pieces enough for two doors, but I’m sure I’m looking at it wrong lol

EDIT: Actually, I get it now. It’s for one door; both sides get a deadbolt piece and a door handle piece. :slight_smile:

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When you enter the programming code, there should be a small amber light (round) below the keys that comes on to tell you that you are in programming mode…then you should be looking for new devices in ST when you hit 0 - if it finds it, you will get a green check.

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Also on Amazon if HD runs out.

The Schlage Sense model is the one for HomeKit. It cannot be used with SmartThings.

The Schlage Connect zwave version is the model that works with SmartThings.

Both are good locks, but only one works with SmartThings.


Well of course… D%#*!


smarthubs were the farthest thing from my mind when i got it. i just wanted a keypad lock. oh well…

Agreed, had our locks for a year, maybe 2 before our first HA hub. Just of tired of buying/ rekeying all the locks every time a tenant moved out