Schlage FE599NX lever wrong code timeout penalty or alert

With the stock Smartthings device handler and app, is there a timeout penalty if someone makes multiple attempts and inputs wrong codes?

What is the minimum you need to do to make that happen? Just a custom device handler? App? or do you need both?

And to have these X amount of brute force attempts trigger an action ?

Default app, no,

@RBoy might have a solution for you.

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This Enhanced DTH can change the wrong timeout and retries for locks that support the feature. Schalge however has hardcoded that feature. It has other features (like audio notifications) and some bugs in the firmware which are fixed by the Enhanced DTH. You can find more details about it in the first post of that topic.

If I am not interested to change the hard coded timeout and retries that are hard coded, how do I use them as is ?

You will need the Enhanced DTH to capture the invalid user code events and a SmartApp like LUM or RLA to notify you when the lock sends the wrong code/timeout notifications.

OK thank you

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