Schlage Door Lock features


I installed Schlage Camelot door lock and connected to ST, however I only have options to lock, unlock and refresh.

I can not set codes or access the door lock alarm function.

I’m guessing here ST or Schlage built a very basic app.

Any other options out there? I noticed a paid option from Rboy.

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Here’s a good device handler for Schlage - I use a modified version of it with my BE468 Camelot:


There is a free basic single user version by rboy here

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Thank you @Mr_Lucky.

Do I need to uninstall the device I got from market place before installing this device handler?

No. In fact, it’s easier if you don’t. Install the new device handler using a unique name, and then go into the IDE (My Devices). Select your lock, and then scroll down to and hit the Edit button. In the ‘Type’ field, scroll down to and select the device handler you just added (it should be near the end of the list). Hit Update, and you’re done.

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I use User Lock Manager by @ethayer for my Schlage locks. It does everything I need and more.


Thank you @Mr_Lucky You’re always a great help.

I second this suggestion. This is a terrific lock manager!