Schlage Connect won't exclude on Smartthings Classic App on July 2018

I purchased Schlage Connect (SC) about 2 years ago, connected it to SmartThings (ST) Hub via the ST app, which is now known as the ST Classic app. I also connected it to my Alexa. But because I couldn’t change the codes straight from the app, I got annoyed for 2 years and found the RBOYAPPs a couple of months ago, the procedure asked me to do Factory Reset on my SC and placed it within 20 feet. My front door is about 40 feet away from the ST Hub, and in addition to procrastination, I haven’t had the chance to reset it until today. Today, I uninstalled my SC from the door, bring it to about 1" away from the ST Hub as shown on the picture:

I have deleted the SC Thing from ST Classic app by clicking on the “SC Thing”, click the gear icon on upper right corner and then click “Remove”. I tried to find the “exclude” button on the ST Classic app and can’t find it.

So thinking that it was already removed, I did Factory Reset on my SC by,

  1. Disconnect the connection to the battery.
  2. Hold the SCHLAGE button.
  3. With the other hand, reconnect the battery.
  4. I saw the green check mark blinked 3 times.
    And that was it.

Then, I opened my ST Classic app on my iPhone 7.

Clicked the upper right corner to find exclusion stuff and this is what I see:

I went to “More” and saw this:

So I didn’t find any exclusion stuff and went ahead to add a thing by doing these steps on my ST Classic app:

  1. Click “My Home” button.
  2. Click “+ Add a Thing” and this screen comes up:
  3. I go to my SC and click the “SCHLAGE” button on top.
  4. Enter my Programming Code and saw a slow pulsating orange light beside “0”.
  5. I hit “0”.
  6. Once I hit “0” the orange light beside the “0” pulsate faster than before.
  7. After a few seconds a red X came on with a beep.
    And the ST Classic app continuous to look for devices.

So now my question is WTF happened? When I first bought it, it connected without any problem. Now, after factory reset, it’s a piece of garbage and won’t connect to ST Hub, ST Classic App, or even my beloved Alexa who has no idea that I am having a google assistant in my bedroom. So does anyone has the solution?

I did looked at the posts regarding this topic but those posts were created in 2015 or 2016. It’s 2018 and everything is so different. Help please. Thanks.

OK, let’s start with the general device exclusion…

Tap More
Tap the Hub
Tap Z-Wave Utilities
Tap General Device Exclusion
Tap Remove
When you see the message "Please follow manufacturer's instructions to remove the Z-Wave device from My SmartThings," perform the required exclusion process (e.g., pressing a button on the device)

So after reading the link provided by jkp here are the steps for an iOS user:

  1. On ST Classic app, tap “More”
  2. Tap the “Hub is Online”
  3. Tap “Z-Wave Utilities”
  4. Tap “General Device Exclusion”
  5. Click “Remove”. Then…
  6. Go on your SC and tap the “SCHLAGE” button.
  7. Enter your Programming Code.
  8. And press 0.
  9. The app will recognize the device and exclude the previous app.

And that’s it. Thanks jkp.

In honesty, I was on that site and read that you supposed to tap the Hub. I looked on the app, it doesn’t say Hub but said “Hub is Online”. So instead I tapped on the physical ST Hub multiple time and it wouldn’t work. But now, It turned my garbage to a functioning piece of machine. Thanks again.

This post is old-ish, but it still works! Just wanted to say thank you for this, I had been messing with this for at least an hour and stumbled on this reply. Appreciated.