Schlage Connect lock not working properly with driver

I have 2 Schlage Connect deadbolt locks that I have converted over to the edge drive. Both added fine, however they do not work correctly in Smart Lock Guest Access. 1 lock shows codes 1 code 2, ect. from a earlier install but now the names are missing and I can’t rename them. The second lock doesn’t even show up or import the default codes.

I have tried removing and including it several times. I have rebooted the hub and factory reset the locks

At this point I’m stumped, my last lock that’s running a DTH is working flawlessly.

You can delete old codes, and enter them again with names. I just moved my Schlage to edge driver. It was the same case as yours.
We’ll have to wait for @rboy to come up with custom driver with all extra features.

Do you have a link to the Edge driver for Schlage Connect?