Schlage BE469 completely dead

So, this morning, I noticed that the BE469 on front door was not auto-locking. I checked the batteries, they were fine. I had just replaced them like 15 days ago. To be sure, I put a fresh set of batteries, nothing. The touch screen is unresponsive, no lights anywhere, no beeps. I tried a different make of batteries, no luck.

The lock is 6 years old, not heavily used, maybe 2-3 times a day and some days, not at all. Is it normal for Schlage lock to die in 6 years? The SmartThings IDE shows that the last update from lock was at 6:51 AM this morning.


I had something like this happen to me. Look at the batter compartment. For some reason some batteries are slightly bigger and won’t fit all the way to the contact.

And… If Jake’s suggestion doesn’t work, Schlage customer service is very good at issuing replacements

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Yes, they have replaced one of mine with no hassle.

Same. Schlage support is outstanding…

They’re also UBER aggressive about replacing them if anything shows out of whack and it’s remotely in warranty… Give them a call.

But yeah 6years old and no actions at the keypad I’d bet money, “It’s dead, Jim.”

Heck, Im getting ready to replace my three BE469s just to get ZWave plus or possibly a Matter version when they come out next year (it’s inevitable) just because of how old they are. (mine are just slightly older than yours at 7)

Schlage warranty is 3 years for electronics, so I am pretty sure I am out of luck. I have ordered a Eufy lock with WiFi bridge. This lock can be opened\closed with fingerprint or Bluetooth or keypad code or Alexa or the phone app. In addition, if the battery dies, I can temporarily connect a battery via micro USB port and open the lock. To me, all these features look very convenient. But the true test will be once I install and actually use these features. The WiFi signal in my house is very strong so that should not be a problem.

The BE469 needed Rboy app to be fully functional. With the imminent demise of Groovy, it was creating significant anxiety in my mind about the future functionality of this lock. When the lock stopped working, my first thought was whether SmartThings pulled the plug.

I am not sure about Eufy’s quality but hoping that it will work as advertised.

That’s a negative, they replaced mine without any proof of purchase.

Ok. I will give it a try. I just read it on their website about 3 year warranty and did not proceed. They wanted to know the date of purchase and pictures of the installed lock from outside, from inside, picture of the deadbolt and the sticker tag. Thanks…

What I told them when I filed my warranty claim is that I had purchased multiple locks over a short period of time time and could not remember which lock was what with what receipts.

They asked for a picture of the sticker tag. It has date of manufacture, May 2016. I have contacted them with all the info, see what they say.

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I am not sure about Eufy’s quality but hoping that it will work as advertised.

Eufy devices are usually pretty good quality for budget devices, but they don’t work with smartthings, do they? :thinking:

They don’t work with SmartThings. But I do not use ST as my main hub. More than two years ago, I had switched to Home Assistant which is the central hub for all my home automation devices. ST hub only exposes the Z-Wave devices to Home Assistant. All the automations are in Home Assistant. I did see an unofficial integration for Eufy in HA. Hopefully the lock gets delivered today and I can install and test. It has been raining steadily since yesterday.

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I did get reply from Schlage today. They said that the lock is out of 3-year warranty so other than factory reset steps, they had nothing much to offer. The factory reset steps did nothing, no lights came on as they should have. I guess this is the end for Schlage lock.


Look at you battery tray. The last battery some times doesn’t reach the contact

To rule out a break in the battery cable, I removed the circuit board. It is held in place by three screws. The battery cable is plugged into a connector soldered to the circuit board. I am getting full battery voltage at the soldered ends. This means that the circuit board is getting power but is unresponsive…

My batteries suddenly went from 70% to dead. Found that the battery holder had cracked at the ends - springs very strong. I used electrical tape to hold it together. So far so good.