Scheduled Downtime: Push Notifications & Hello, Home

(Andrew Mager) #1

Our push notification service has a scheduled maintenance window on October 17 from 1 to 5 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time (or from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on October 16-17, Pacific Daylight Time).

During this time, you may not receive push notifications or Hello, Home messages in the SmartThings mobile app.

This will not affect functionality of any other SmartThings services.

For SmartApps that depend on push notifications for high priority security alerts, we recommend that you update your settings to send them via SMS notifications instead. You can update these preferences in specific SmartApp settings pages in your mobile app.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

(Ron S) #2

Thanks for letting us know! Is it in prep for v2? :wink:

(Brian Smith) #3

This just gave me an idea for a feature request - an override for all SmartApps under an account that use push to use SMS. Could also be used at the server level to invoke when push is offline for whatever reason. Accounts could “opt in” to that since many people use ST as a security feature (or elderly care) ans those push messages are vital.

Also, when you go worldwide, you windows of opportunity for maintenance will quickly vanish. :smile:

(DLee) #4

I understand the need for maintenance windows and this one isn’t too disruptive. But for future reference 10 pm on a weekday is not hardly off-hours for the west coast. Chaimberlain MyQ service maintenance recently started at 10 pm too. It’s just a bad habit I see developing.

My experience is that early Sunday outages cause the least disruption to humans and are generally the industry standard for North America centric systems. I’ve had to work a few of those myself over the years so I do understand the pain.

(Andrew Mager) #5

I agree @Dlee. Unfortunately we are tied to another provider so we have to go by their schedule. We are working on a custom solution that we control in the future.

Thanks for your feedback!


As Andrew said this downtime isn’t SmartThings downtime, but instead a maintenance period with the push notification provider we use. We would likely have chosen a different time if it was up to us.

(Dave N) #7

In the future maybe you could also tie this into the under used Status page? A tab for Planned Events? That page needs more details on internal struggles besides “Slow Processing” for people who try to solve their own issues before emailing tech support. IMHO :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, have to eat my words. I see the Maintenance is on the Status page! I go there so rarely as it was never informative enough as per my previous thoughts.

(Chuckles) #8

Another request for future announcements - could you also please provide the times in UTC.

It’s easy to convert UTC to local time. Converting from US timezones to local timezones is more difficult as the various timezones move in and out of daylight savings time at different points throughout the year.

(DLee) #9

And next time I want a free unicorn as well.