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Schedule not working

(Ron S) #61

Cool. I am ordering a multi right now for tmrw as I needed one anyways for the garage. Amazon prime will deliver for a little extra charge. And see what happens. If I am not wrong looking at your code, it does require at least the non magnetic part of multi.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #62

It does.

It’s working fine now as I just opened the GD to get my mail, and closed it. But it has been intermittent at best over the last few weeks.

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(Geko) #63

The scheduling problem is not with my homebrew apps. I’m talking about stock “Lights & Switches” action available from the Dashboard. This is basic stuff that should work like clockwork. That’s what disturbing. Support was quick to respond and they’re looking into this. I’ll update as soon as I have more info.

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(Ron S) #64

Hey @scottinpollock! You may be right on the runIn thing and less than the 60 seconds. Just wrote some code to check the presence in the house and take delayed action of sending text and push notifications. 59 seconds didn’t work for me but 61 does. But it may be the simulator playing tricks but I did check the live logs too…

( - Make your home your butler!) #66

I"m facing a wierd issue. I’ve written a simple thermostat app that schedules the next thermostat change.

Here’s the function that schedules - initialize() for anyone interested. The bug? I’m seeing is that in the scheduling function initialize() if I don’t call unschedule() the scheduler stops working (events not fired) after about 2-3 schedules.

The function only schedules the next timer, so at any point there is only one active schedule. E.g. it schedules for 11am , when the event is fired at 11am it then schedules the next change say 11:05am, when the event is fired at 11:05am it schedules for 11:10am etc.

In this initialize() function if remove the unschedule() function it stops working after 2-3 schedules even though there is only one scheduled event. Don’t scheduled events expire after they are fired?

I don’t understand why should I have to call unschedule after each schedule. Is this a bug or a feature?

@bflorian FYI please, can you comments from a platform perspective?

(Michael Langkilde) #67

Is there anyway to have something scheduled to execute for a certain time and not run when for example I am not at home. I know I can have it not run when in certain modes but when I have someone house sitting our home to take care of our dog, they will be using the system and modes will change. Would it be possible to also add the schedule to also verify a presence sensor(s) are home in order to work?

(Bruce) #68

Yes, but you would have to write a SmartApp, and this is a pretty simple one. You could use an On/Off Button Tile (virtual switch) — on for you being around, off otherwise (which the SmartApp looks at), and adding the presence sensor test is easy. You might even be able to do it with just the presence sensor (i.e., Run only if this presence is here…). Send me a PM if you want any help.