Schedule not working

(Geko) #21

I’m seeing delays in scheduled events again. I have a switch that’s supposed to turn off at 8 pm every night. Here’s the actual turn off times for the past week:

2014-10-25 8:06:32
2014-10-24 8:00:51
2014-10-23 8:06:30
2014-10-22 8:00:49
2014-10-21 8:05:04
2014-10-20 8:15:14
2014-10-19 8:01:07

So, 4 days in a week the schedule run more that 5 minutes late. One time - 15 minutes late! I can understand few seconds give or take, maybe a minute, but 15 minutes? C’mon, what this schedule is good for?

(Ben Edwards) #22

Are you sure this isn’t related to the recent platform issues these past few evenings?

(Geko) #23

Naturally, I cannot be sure of anything, but this issue extends well beyond the past few evenings. Actually, last two days are not the worst on the record: ~3 minutes late.

2014-10-27 8:02:46.251 PM PDT
2014-10-26 8:03:01.554 PM PDT

(Geko) #24

Hmmm… I though that a 15 minutes latency was pretty bad, but tonight ST beat it’s own record:

2014-11-02 8:46:27.680 PM PST 4 hours ago DEVICE /digital switch off

This was supposed happen at 8 pm, i.e. 46 minutes late!

2014-11-02 11:18:13.149 PM PST 2 hours ago DEVICE /digital switch on

This was supposed to happen at 10 pm, i.e. 1 hour and 18 minutes late!

Makes me wonder if the recent infrastructure upgrade was not worth the trouble after all. :-[

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #25

Heh heh… My midnight snack lites are still on. They should have turned off 5 mins after I went downstairs for a diet coke at 11 o’somethun’. It’s 1:25 now.

(Geko) #26

Yeah, it doesn’t look good any way I look at it. Time to dust off my electromechanical timer. That thing may be dumb, but it never failed me in the past. :smile:

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #27

My “all off” SmartApp just fired at 1:54am; it was scheduled for 11:59pm.

(Ron S) #28

So I am not the only one. Mine didn’t Fire either last night.


Same problem here. Anything scheduled isn’t running right

(Minollo) #30

Just to add one more “field experience”: I have a scheduled “poller” app which polls a few devices every 4 minutes on a cron job; going through the live logs it’s quite evident that once in a while a scheduled trigger is missed, and no poll request is sent. This, and others I’ve seen during the last week, are the kind of unreliable behaviors which can become a show stopper for me.


I have a smartapp that automatically brightens my nightstand lamp before my alarm goes off. This did not happen this morning. I also have another instance of the same app that dims this light down when I go to bed and this didn’t work, either.

(Ron S) #32

To test the outage,last night I had set my holiday lights to come on at 5:00 AM this morning. It didn’t get triggered then but after 2hrs and 51 minutes, I see now that it triggered it.

So… My guess is that they are sitting in some queue for a long long time.

(Ron S) #33

Also, does somebody know what this means:

‎7‎:‎34‎:‎20‎ ‎AM: debug Not taking action because Away is disabled for At a Certain Time

I see this in the log pretty often, I haven’t seen this ever before.

(Mike Swanson) #34

Also experiencing this issue. My Good Morning action had to be fired manually, and Goodbye action has not fired yet.


I fired Goodbye manually. Didn’t want to wait on it.

(Brian Solomon) #36

None of the scheduling is working for me as well. I tested gentle wake on developer tools. When the light is scheduled to dimm up after 5 seconds the next event is never triggered. Tried this for simulator and real lights. It will increment once or twice and then just sit there. Very frustrating. I have a week left before my return window for amazon expires and I am highly considering shipping this hub back and trying Vera etc.

(Mcvoss) #37

Add me to the list. Last night my “Goodnight” was 1hr 54mins late.

(Brian B) #38

My sunrise occurred ~3 hours late.

(Ron S) #39

I would suggest not doing this. Totally up to you. ST by far is the best. :slight_smile: at times things do get broken and we all try getting the support guys involved. They are very prompt and responsive and equally passionate as us. We rant, we scream, we love, we hate, we shout, we give kudos… But we still love ST. Be a little patient! :slight_smile: we don’t want to loose a community friend! :slight_smile:

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #40

I dunno. @Brian_Solomon I have a substantial investment in SmartThings by way of time and energy. If I did not, and know what I know now, I might have gone with Vera or UD ISY. As it is now, much of my home automation bypasses SmartThings whenever there is an OEM API available (Hue, my thermostats, etc).

It’s funny… I came to SmartThings to get things more reliable than my old powerline gear. While the devices are certainly better, the system is clearly much worse. I hope they get their act together, but I have seen nothing (other than a couple of minor bug fixes in the mobile app) since coming aboard in June that inspires confidence .