Schedule Lock to lock at specific time every night

Hey Guys, I just received my hub this weekend and have it working with a Schlage deadbolt, perfectly.

I want to have the deadbolt lock, on a schedule, every night. Dumb question, I assume I will have to write a smart app correct. For example: The system would have to check to see if the lock is locked or unlocked at the specific time and if locked do nothing if unlocked lock.


Nope, you shouldn’t have to! Are you using the SmartThings app on an ios device or android? If ios, you can use the dashboard and go through the wizard to have it do this every night at a specific time. Let me know if you need help! The dashboard section you will do this in is the Doors and Locks. Just hit the gear on the right side of there and you can add the door and set the schedule.



I’m using the Android App, latest beta, sorry forgot to mention that earlier. I’m not seeing a timed or scheduled option throught the dashboard. I am only seeing the option to lock or unlock using a presence sensor. Am i missing something?

Sorry, I’m not sure about the android app… Another option would be to use IFTTT and have it turn on/off on a schedule. I did that before they introduced the dashboard option.