Schedule Events for Even or Odd days?

For sprinklers scheduling SmartApps application,
Does somebody know how to schedule and automation on Odd or Even dates ?

As far as I know, you can’t do calendar automations.
You can make 2 automations. In the irrigation period one automation activates it Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the other automation Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
You have left on Sunday that you can distribute it between the two irrigation circuit with other automation.

@SpaceManCoder IFTTT and 3 virtual switches and 3 automations

I already get the hardware solution with the Zooz 16 multirealays and his Device Handler for Smartthings. What I’m searching, It is a way to code my Smartthings SmartApps to schedule relays activation on Odd days. Our regulation alloy odd civic address number to use sprinkler system on Odd days only. (and Even number on the even days)

You can use any Even or Odd day to trigger using virtual switch. If Odd day is on, than activate relay.
Create 3 virtual switches in Smartthings, and enable ”1st of the month" for IFTTT.

Create applet in IFTTT that on the 1st of the month turns On virtual switch ”1st of the month" using date service.

In Smartthings create following automations

That’s it.
Now link one of the days’ status to your relay as trigger
You can test them by flipping 1stbif the month switch on

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There are lots of ways to do it. Ifttt as @milandjurovic71 suggested. I’m pretty sure Webcore has calendar functions.

You can also do it the old-fashioned way with a virtual dead man switch using just the official features and one virtual switch. This requires two automations.

In this example, assume that meross blue is a virtual switch and meross blue outdoor is the sprinkler.

  1. choose all conditions are true. At 7:00 am if switch A is on, start the sprinklers, wait 15 minutes, then turn switch A off. :sunglasses:

  1. at 7:05 AM, if switch A is off, turn it on. Note that this is happening inside the delay window for the previous automation. That’s very important to make the toggle work. :thinking:

Now let’s see how it works. let’s say you want it to water on even days and you create the automations to run for the first time on an odd day. So the virtual switch is off to begin with. (make sure you check the state after you create it and if necessary toggle it so that it will be off on the odd day.)

Day 1 (odd)

6:30 am : virtual switch is off

7:00 am : automation one will not run because the virtual switch is off.

7:05 am: automation two will run and turn the virtual switch on.

That’s all that will happen today.

Day Two:

6:30 am The virtual switch is on

7:00 am automation one will run. The sprinklers will turn on.

7:05 am automation two will not run because the virtual switch is still on.

7:15 am The delay from automation one will kick in and turn the virtual switch off.

That is all that will happen for today.

Day 3

6:30 am virtual switch is off

7:00 am automation one will not run because the virtual switch is off

7:05 am automation two will run and turn the virtual switch on.

That is all that will happen today.

And so on. Every other day, regardless of the day of the week, The virtual switch will be turned on or the sprinkler will run and the virtual switch will be turned off.


Let me say, this is really old school. People were doing every other day schedules this way 50 years ago. (At least that’s what our engineering professor said.) It can be a little hard to wrap your head around, but it will work as long as the automations correctly require all the conditions to be true. :sunglasses:

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Also, originally I was going to include weather as a condition, but that messes up the toggle so you’d have to do a loop around which would get a lot more complicated, so I just left it out since you didn’t have it in your requirements. :umbrella:

Yep Roberts, Interesting and simple! But, I’m still having a problem at month changing since we have months ending on even and odd days. I will have to reset the switching sequence every first days of months.

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Oh, yeah, first day of the month would have to be checked manually and adjusted if needed. Or with enough extra logic you’d practically be building a calendar anyway. You might want to just look at Webcore.

That is why i am using IFTTT to reset 1st of the month as Odd day

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