Request list for automations

  • if then else statement
  • schedule by day of month

Please add yours.

There is an Edge Virtual Calender that is offered from the Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc Edge driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo . It should be able to help you out with the day of month while you wait for ST to add that feature to Routines :slight_smile:

Link to version with Edge Driver Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, virtual Switch Board, Text and Number Fields)

Link to version with Virtual Calendar

Energy monitor only works with Samsung appliances. Open up to smartthings devices, like Whole house energy meters (hem).

Energy monitor works with Samsung appliances, some gas and electric meters in the Uk (Historic data) and some smart plugs but i have only ever seen 1 user mention there smart plug works in Energy monitor… it is fair to say the usefullness of the Energy monitor feature is currently very limited and not usefull


Simple math on input value so that you could do proportional control output based on light level, etc.

Interesting ideas!

Just remember that SmartThings staff do not officially read this forum except for moderating spam and harassment. It was set up so that customers can help other customers. (With the exception of one small area for developer support.)

If you want your suggestions to be seen by smartthings staff, you need to either send them in through the official support page

or, maybe even better, post them to one of the publicfacing options like Facebook or Twitter. At least that way they’ll be seen by marketing employees who do keep track of what the public wants.

I’m not saying don’t share them here: other customers may have suggestions for how to accomplish what you’re looking for, or you may inspire additional ideas. I’m just saying they aren’t going to be reviewed by anyone who could actually make the changes, for that you need a different channel. :thinking: