Schedule based user access to selected devices?

I am currently using RBoy’s rental lock automater coupled with a Google calendar / iCal link to provide rotating access to a house to family members. Each member uses their own access code for door locks/etc, and these only work for their “months” (which rotate).

I’d like to provide access to a mobile web interface or app that allows them to set the thermostat/unlock doors/open the garage/etc (Something like ActionTiles that allows for selective, non-admin access to specific devices), but only when it’s their month/when they’re staying at the house.

I am looking for a way to automatically set which user(s) are active at a given time and provide access to only them. (Based on an iCal link, a CSV of emails/dates for access, a database… anything really…) Any thoughts on how to make this work would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying our apps.

SmartThings is working on a web browser portal for their mobile app which will allow you access to your SmartApps using a browser. It is currently in testing and they are looking for user feedback about releasing it to the general public. I would recommend voicing your support for this browser app here: Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal

You can also check our the latest release of RLA which adds support for Custom calendar integrations: [RELEASE] Rental Lock Automater - Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia

I will also pass your feedback to our team.

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Thanks, yeah, am already using RLA with generic iCal, is working well, save for the fact that my recurrence rules are… not normal / basically require every month to get manually entered as a separate event. Maybe a CSV with with name,code,start_date,end_date would be easier… can you add that for me to RLA? :smiley:

RE the web interface, I think the tricky bit is going to be the selective access based on a schedule. Will definitely put my feature request in the above thread; when I tried to sign up for the alpha though sign ups seemed closed.

I am also happy to potentially roll my own solution here too, especially if others might have interest in similar functionality. It really doesn’t need to be too fancy :wink: In that vain, are there any open source smartthings compatible dashboards I could use as a starting point?

Here’s some more context and a description of my ideal end state:
A good way to think of this property is like a timeshare (it isn’t, it’s a private residence… but the way we have ownership is shared much like a timeshare). Everyone has 2 months every year that are “theirs” (which months they are rotate so it’s fair over time). I want the “timeshare owners” (AKA family members) to have access, only during their months, to a small mobile friendly dashboard that allows them to: 1) Open the garage 2) Unlock the front door 3) Adjust the thermostat (and see the status of these 3 things too). I do not want them to be able to edit/delete/modify any configurations.

Additionally, I want these “timeshare owners” to be able to assign specific days/weeks/their full month to someone else (the someone else might be a different owner, might not). During these days, the “owners” would still retain access, but access would also be granted to the additional parties designated. This part might be a bit harder, so I am fine if whatever solution I come up with can’t do this at first. But I definitely need to sort out the rest!

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That’s a really neat idea. Both and AT have support for sharing dashboards, but it involves manually sharing the dashboards. I don’t know of anything out there that has built-in support for changing dashboard access/sharing based on an iCal or CSV file.


It would also be cool for parental controls where parents want certain tiles to only be available when they themselves are home. :wink:

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Any chance you’d be willing/able to add such functionality to @joshua_lyon? I’d be a very happy to help beta test :wink:

Can also contribute some code if we can figure out a way to do that that works.

User feedback is a key part of how we prioritize what we work on. The more interest we receive from the community on a feature, the more likely it is to get implemented.

That being said, this is first time I’ve heard of this particular request. I’d encourage you to post it over in the SharpTools community to see if other users are also interested. My suspicion is that it’s a relatively esoteric request that’s not likely to get demanded by the masses. :slight_smile:

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I’ll make a post, but I think I’d rather do this in an open source way so there isn’t any extra burden on you or anyone else to build and prioritize a feature that they don’t see as valuable. I need something in the next few weeks ideally.

So in that vain, are there any open source dashboards I can build on? and/or the related housePanel seem promising:

(Maybe I’ll dust off an RPi and see if I can’t get something working this weekend…)