Smartlocks (with numpad/keypad) that support Smartthings and add/remove PIN


I assume not all Smart locks are supported with Smartthings and that does that have support for Smart locks doesn’t have support for adding/removing PIN code (and also set a timeframe from when the key should be activated would be a bonus) through the Smartthings API.

I don’t want to use an app but rather use an API and connect it to my booking system when a customer books a stay and then the API talk with the hub/smart locks and can add/remove PIN.

PS: It would also be a bonus if the hub isn’t needed. SO I can use the SMartthings API/SDK to talk with the smart locks with an Arduino/Raspberry over ZigBee/Bluetooth/Zwave to communicate with the PIN-codes.

Thank you for taking your time to reply :blush:

I know you said you are not looking for an app but there is one…


Schlage. They have z-wave, zigbee and wifi versions. Not sure if wifi version is supported by SmartThings. All of them can work without any hub, including Arduino/Raspberry. You can program it completely manually or use above mentioned app from @RBoy.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

I am based in Sweden :blush:

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Thank you for your reply Milan :blush:
I can’t find any API documentation on Schlages website. Maybe it’s just me but where do you maybe know where to find all those details?

When I read on the website does it only seems that it work with Alexa, phone app etc.

@rboy is an expert on locks, including for the EU, so may have some suggestions.

If you want a zwave or zigbee lock, I would think it would make more sense to use a SmartThings/Aeotec hub rather than a raspberry pi. The integration will be MUCH simpler. :thinking:

If you want no hub at all, not even a SmartThings hub, then a WiFi lock will probably be your best choice.

Are these doors with multipoint locks? Or mortise locks? Both are common in Europe but there are fewer smart locks available that work with them.

Hello JDRoberts :blush:

The problem is that I don’t have a normal Wifi router och fiber where the cottages are. So therefore I was thinking of building an Arduino/Raspberry with a 3G/4G SIM for data connection and then a Zwave/Bluetooth or Zigbee shield to talk with the door.

And there is no electricity either so the Arduino/Raspberry needs to have a battery connected and they need to go into “sleep” mode so the battery saves energy and then startup for a few minutes to fetch booking data through the SIM and then transfer the PIN code to the door lock :blush:

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Wifi locks don’t work with SmartThings at this time (they cannot be programmed) and Schalge doesn’t release it’s API’s for the WiFi locks.

One other option is a simple REST API which we have released that can be used to integrate booking systems with SmartThings and it handles all the internals/overhead of lock and user management. This works with any locks that complies with SmartThings programming requirements but at this time it’s best suited only for Z-Wave and ZigBee locks coupled with a SmartThings hub which support remote programming (Smartthings has other restrictions in place which prevent WiFi locks from being programmed):