Schalge S-480 Smartlock Alarm disable/mute

Have a Schlage S-480 doorlock. Works well

We also have a home video intercom, which opens the door by electrically from internal panel and online app screen) activating the striker plate allowing the gate/lock (with bolt EXTENDED in the locked position) to be pushed open.

Of course, then this happens it activates the S-480 Unauthorised Entry function (because the small triangular spring-loaded guide changes position from depressed to fully extended whilst the bolt is in locked position) and that alarm sounds.

Is there a solution for this?

Can the Unauthorised entry alarm be muted? (tried muting the keypad volume, this doesn’t work for this alarm)

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@RBoy…any thoughts on this?

This locks appears to be built around the BE-468 lock electronics minus the zwave module. There no way to disable the warning unfortunately. If you have Be-469 zwave version it can connect to SmartThings and notify you of the warning and that model has a button on the lock to silence the alarm (amongst other features).