Schalge Camelot Z-Wave stopped reporting

Last night around 8pm I get a panicked call from my parents. WebCoRE was sending them messages that their front door was unlocked, however it was actually locked. I dug into it and found that at 7:57pm, a user got home, and unlocked the door via code. Since that time, the Lock and Smartthings apparently aren’t fully communicating as the lock still thinks it’s unlocked even though it’s currently locked. Therefore, WebCoRE was functioning properly on unlocked notifications since ST thinks the lock is unlocked, but it isn’t.

I am using the @RBoy Universal DT Handler that they bought and just updated them to the latest revision today, with no change. I have also tried a Z-Wave repair with no luck.

Any ideas before I go ahead and exclude/include the lock and have to reconfigure the entire thing all over again? Also to be noted, the batteries are reporting 64% and the hub has been rebooted as well.


Go ahead and replace the batteries just for good measure. How long was it functioning properly?

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They’ve had it installed for years. It’s to be noted that when I wrote the OP, through the IDE, it was showing “ACTIVE” however “Last Activity” reported 16 hours ago. Now, it’s showing INACTIVE with the last activity as of an hour ago. I will give changing the batteries a shot. Perhaps due to the wicked cold temps here, the batteries are shot.

For this lock that’s pushing the lower limits. It should be changed at 75% to optimal operation.

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Thanks for the replies everyone - it was the batteries! I should have suggested they try that first.

@RBoy Thanks for the not, never knew that. The one at my house was at 46% yesterday. Swapped the batteries last night!

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Check out the first post screenshot a list of recommended battery level thresholds for devices based on our experience.

These are on the conservative side but will ensure that the battery doesn’t affect device operation. You could go lower but YMMV.

Also note that there have been major platform problems yesterday and today affecting many users, but not all. It’s just really hard to troubleshoot anything right now. You can go ahead and change the batteries, but I wouldn’t do anything major until the platform issues settle down.