Scenes Tile in ActionTiles

I have found a use for scenes within the Smartthings app.

Are we able to add a scenes tile within actiontiles? I don’t see a option

Thank you

Routines can activate Scenes…Routines can be added into ActionTiles.

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Please reference our Knowledge Base:

But also:

We (every developer, not just ActionTiles!!!) need all SmartThings customers request Support@SmartThings make “Scenes” equivalent to “Routines” for the purposes of execution from any SmartApp.

We have made this request multiple times, but only if 1000s of customers request it is there a chance.

Sigh … it will never happen.

Except maybe someday in the “new” API. :frowning_face:

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Care to share what use have you found with Scenes? I actually started using Routines again since Scenes. The concept is great but the implementation is not so great. Happy that at least Alexa recognizes them.

Don’t understand why Routines just doesn’t expand to offer Scene functionality.

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Essentially that’s what Scenes do, as a Routine can call any Scene and “executing” a Routine is like “activating” a Scene.

SmartThings added Scenes as unique objects probably primarily for Customer “ease of use”. Moods or Scenes are a feature of other products and this gives SmartThings parity. And Scenes instantly became available for Smart Lighting, and Routines… but sadly, not directly accessible to other SmartApps.

Squeezing Scenes into the Routine Builder / Editor would have been difficult and risky. But I still think they could have been stored as variations in the same object type.) I also believe and agree with you that Scenes were implemented internally using new API tools, quite different than how the Routines UI was written, and that API currently not public.

Mixed blessing… This is an evolutionary step.

Being new to Smartthings I have taken the easy route to accomplish simple task.
I have found the following use for Scenes.

  1. Hue Bulb Reset

    • After playing music and using my two bulbs in my living room to sync with my music I created a scene to return these bulbs back to white. I also use this with my smart home alarm turns my four home bulbs to red after the alarm is tripped.
  2. I created a Panic button within scenes to sound our Aeotec Siren and turn all Hue bulbs reds with the press of one button. My wife has that scene on her phone ready to use if she ever needs it.

  3. I created a “Good Bye” Scene that I also have in Routines. Basically, when you leave the home you can say goodbye to our good home and it turns off every light in our home.


FYI: Here is another method for Hue and LIFX owners that lets you use/leverage the actual Scenes created in your Hue/LIFX Apps versus having to create “Scenes” in SmartThings. Allows you to utilize one set of Scenes for everything, instead of defining them in multiple places. Plus, if SmartThings goes down, you still have the ability to use your native scenes from your Hue App or Widgets on the phone. It’s for those running WebCoRE / Pistons versus Routines:

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Come on Samsung, allow this functionality. It is simply ridiculous that it is not available.

It has been possible to execute scenes from ActionTiles for a long time, and it now has a native implementation.

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Thanks Orangebucket. But how? I don’t see the Scenes in the Authorization page on the IDE. They are not available anywhere in ActionTiles.

New scenes support might still in beta testing … @625alex ?

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Scenes are in open beta. Accessed via My Scenes (Beta) where there is an additional authentication (scenes are ‘new’ but the ActionTiles connector is legacy), and used in a similar way to media or shortcuts.

The New API integration for Scenes has been in open Beta for a while. Waiting for SmartThings to clear some unexpected red tape.