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We had some automations to turn on and off a set of lights with sundown and sunrise, backed by scenes that combine those lights and actions. This morning I see all the lights still on and just thought “oh yet another outage” and proceeded to run the scene manually when I found to my surprise that both automations that triggered with the sundown and sunrise conditions were gone. I certainly didn’t delete them. Where did they go? Is that a thing now that ST “manages” your setup in this way?

Note this is on the new ST app (iOS) where it’s all been migrated to successfully months ago, and it’s been (more or less) functioning just fine until this morning.

There are multiple existing threads on this. Basically in the last week or so they change the way some work things work on the back end and a lot of stuff disappeared. If you log out and log back in it may come back. If it doesn’t, contact support.

You can find discussion in the two threads on the most current app versions, one for iOS and one for android, but the same problem is occurring in both.

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