Scene controller with switch

I’m looking for a scene controller that has a switch as well. All I seem to find is ones without a switch or ones that are not available anymore. As an example, I’m looking for something like Insteons keypadlinc. Can we integrate Insteons keypadlinc with ST and not using Insteons hub?

Can y’all share some links to scene controllers with built-in switches?

A screen controller or a scene controller?

Insteon devices can’t pair directly with ST, they use a different wireless protocol.

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Also, if you check out the community wiki, you can see there are links to quick-browse lists in the forum for various types of devices.

See the following recent discussion under Lighting projects (this is a clickable link)

Also, in future when looking for information about different device classes, I would just start with the device class feature FAQ. :sunglasses:

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I’m looking for a scene controller!!! I updated the thread.

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Check out Inovelli smart switches.

It’s not quite the same as what you are looking at, but you can program multiple pushes to activate different scenes. (i.e. double click up turns all lights on, double click down is all lights off-- however you configure it)

That and even if used as just a smart switch, they tend to be cheaper than a lot of the other options (GE/JASCO)

Do you know if this same functionality works with GE switches? I already have a bunch of those but planning on buying the Inovelli ones when I need any more

The scene control is unique to Inovelli, although I think HomeSeer may support Scene control now, too.