Changing My Email - A Bit Scared

Should I be?

I’m doing my part to decentralize and have moved away from Gmail. Has anyone successfully changed their account email address? I’ve contacts ST support and I am awaiting a response (which is fine). I’m still a bit concerned that my whole account will get messed up and I’ll have to start over. I’m having a bit of anxiety over this because I have 350+ devices.

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I switched mine a couple years ago and it wasn’t bad at that time. I did the entire process in a support chat in less than 10 minutes.

If you’re using a Samsung account, you can change your email on your own within the accounts page. It should be pretty smooth but you may want to check with ST support after to make sure everything is synced properly between Samsung accounts and ST.


I changed it a few days back. But got support with ST team. For any clarifications just contact them.

I haven’t change it yet, but haven’t done it yet. They said to just do it at and that was all I had to do.

That’s what I did nd it worked fine.

:crossed_fingers: Here I go!

That worked.

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