Recommendations on what to do for a hub for a new home setup now that Samsung has discontinued them?

I’ve been using smart things for about 6 years.

I’m about to set up a new house and went to buy a new hub and see that they’re discontinued. From a bit of research last night I see that Aeotec we’ll be taking them over but that they’re only available in Europe at this point. I see North America is coming but I need to set this up in February.

I see that there’s a Wi-Fi option from Samsung that also has a smart hub. (I want to use Nest Wifi but if I could turn off the wifi option of the Samsung one and just use the hub that might work?)

I also see that I can get a V3 smart thing hub off eBay for about the same cost that they were new. Seems like these are used so not sure how easy it is to factory reset those.

Obviously I guess switching to wink or hubitat could be an option too but I’m used to smart things and really need the ease of connection as my time these days is so limited to try and figure things out.

What’s the learned recommendation of this community as to how to set up a new home when I can’t buy a hub direct anymore?

Thanks very much in advance for any help!

recommendation - don’t get wink :slight_smile:


I bought my 2 hubs from ebay and I’ve seen them go there for well below their retail price. As you said, the wifi hub is an option but you cannot turn off the wifi from what I understand but that doesn’t keep you from using a regular wifi router for your internet, Stay away from wink!!! I fully recommend a used V3 or V2 hub if you want to stay with ST

Thanks! I used wink when it first came out but haven’t touched it since. I setup smartthings when I moved into this house and it’s been extremely reliable. Granted I don’t go deep into it, I have done a couple DHs and some cool routines

So you had good luck with a used one? easy to just reset? that’s what I’ll do then. I don’t really care about spending a little more for the wifi one if I could turn it off but if not seems like I wouldn’t like that.
Any reason not to get the V3 over the V2?

And thanks!

The v2 actually is the better device of the 2. It has more memory and faster processor. The only plus of the V3 is that it can connect to the network via wifi or ethernet…V2 is ethernet only should that matter to you. Should you go with V2 hub be sure to ask the seller if the welcome code is included but if not, this can be worked around by contacting support and supplying them the serial number, then they can give you the welcome code.

The V3 has historically gotten new features before the V2, and I think that could be expected to continue particularly since Aeotec is taking over the V3 but not the V2.

That said, if you want the V2immediately, you can buy one new from Amazon in the monitoring kit, they still have some in stock.

That’s really helpful thanks.

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Thanks you. Does the V3 not need a welcome code then?

No it doesn’t. It has a qr code on the bottom which you scan during setup

I’d highly recommend Hubitat. I’ve finally moved all my devices to it as SmartThings has gone so far downhill with the new app it’s become untenable for my usage.

It’s local automation so no requirement for cloud (it has to be on the internet but doesn’t process anything there).
The rule machine is far superior without the need for additional apps such as webcore etc.

I’m chuffed with it although it took tome and planning to switch across!