Samsung WAM1500 speakers $79 on 11/19

Again I need to GOMA. I still haven’t updated to new AskAlexa, never mind even start playing with EchoSistant

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What are you waiting for, you are missing all the fun! Lol…

Echosistant is already at version 2.0

Hi all,

I don’t seem to be able to pair this with Smartthings. How did you guys do it? I’ve tried cycling through the different modes with the speaker, but the Android app still can’t find it.

What Smartapp are you also using for notifications/announcements too?

Just leave the speaker on WiFi setup in the SMR app. Set static IP address. Open ST app, add things, speakers Samsung and have it connect to IP address of the speaker (s). SHM has some default announcements and use Big Talker for the rest.

SMR app? I’m just using the standard ST Android app? I’ve noticed Samsung are pushing a new app, but I’m kinda reluctant to start using that as it’s a kinda “if it’s not broke…” situation.

Samsung Multi Room Audio. You have to set up the speakers and connect them to your network before SmartThings can find them

Sorry it’s WAM, Wireless Audio Multiroom

Ah thanks yes, it was found very quickly once I installed that app thanks. ST can now see the speaker. I’m just now stuck on the installation instructions as it seems to be talking about an app I’m not using? The DTH and Smartapp installed perfectly in etc. but I’m a bit stuck after stage 5 of the install instructions