Samsung TV UE55NU8000 - Amazing Integration

Just taken delivery of a new Samsung TV. The integration is amazing, not just with the ST Hub but with every device sat in my TV cabinet!

In the setup it connected to my ST Hub easily, then picked up exactly the devices plugged into HDMI, detecting both my XBox and Sky TV. I then plugged in my old Denon amp via optical, it then told me to point the Smart Remote at the amp and detected it within seconds.

I can now control everything using the Smart Remote include Sky Q and the XBox. I don’t even need to switch the inputs if I want to use the Xbox, just select the XBox icon on screen and it automatically switches the input and routes the audio through the amp. The Smart Remote then allows me to control the XBox menus.

Really, really impressed with how well this setup works! And I can control it using the ST Hub and Alexa!

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Good to hear. What controls do you have when adding the TV to an automation?

You can set on/off, set source, audio. You can also control the TV from within the ST App and also get the TV guide in the App for whichever TV platform you use, in my case Sky. In addition the Remote that comes with it controls my amp, Sky box and XBox.