SmartThings control on Samsung TV?

I have seen the new Samsung TV’s feature SmartThings and apparently allows you to control connected products through the TV (, as well as your phone.

Does anyone have this? What is it like? Do you use it?

Ultimately is this worth me getting a Samsung TV for?

I DO NOT want my ST hub to be baked into a much more expensive product mostly because I like to upgrade to the latest ST hub whenever it comes out. I had a v1, v2 and now am on v3. Imagine having to spend a couple thousand dollars minimum (this is my chosen threshold) each time just to get the latest hub… NO!

Also, I do not trust that I would be getting updates as frequently either… just ask those who opted for the ADT ST system. As far as I know they are several firmware revisions back… NO THANK YOU.

My most recent Samsung TV

…has ST but I have barely even looked at it. Even if it allowed control (does it?) of devices from the TV, it is super incredibly annoying to do so, especially if you are watching something. We all have a cell… that is where control belongs if you need a screen otherwise voice control is the way to go. Whenever I can, I use Alexa to control things.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Samsung TVs but the ST functionality is absolutely NOT a reason I would go with a Samsung TV (I’ve only had Samsung TVs at home for the past couple decades).

In addition, the new ST app is quite unusable (but improving slowly) and getting my TV setup using it was not a positive experience (I am being nice)… but that can be fixed once the app, in its current incarnation, reaches release quality (oh wait… they already released it!)… but you get what I mean.

I love my TV… but not for ST being baked in. Actually, I increasingly ignore what the TV can do and use them as dumb monitors… all functionality comes from external devices I can upgrade more frequently, such as a ROKU. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

None of the Samsung TVs can act as a hub. They are just another front end for the app.

I find that it rarely works properly. But, it has potential.

Here are some screenshots of the app TV interface for a tv I got this week.

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The app interfaces with the TV fine (Q80T), but the built in smartthings app IN the TV is broken. It was working fine (could see and control all my devices), now it shows there are no devices connected.

The topic is about the app on the actual TV

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Yeah, this is what stopped working at the last tv update for me. Seen ‘currently no devices connected’.