Samsung TV Remote App Confusion

Newbie to this app and community. Not really sure where to ask this. Here’s the situation.
We have a Samsung TV. Why these things come with remotes that don’t light up, is beyond me. So I find this app so I can just use my iPhone for my remote.
Got it connected. Works well……BUT all my apps aren’t showing up. I can see how to add apps, but the ones I’d like to add aren’t showing up. Sure I can use the remote and navigate through the tv, but if I can get to Hulu with one tap, I would like to get to all my apps this way. What’s missing? Netflix and Peacock. They’re on my tv, but not on my SmartThings app.
Can anyone help me out?

As far as I know, it is up to each streaming service whether or not it provides this kind of integration, so you should probably start by asking support from Netflix and from peacock and see what they say. :thinking:

You can also try asking on the official Samsung television support forum just in case anyone there knows of a way to do it.

They may just send you back here, but it seems worth a try.

Thank you. I hadn’t even thought about contacting Samsung.

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