Samsung smartthings multipurpose sensor fault

I’ve had a couple of false intrusion reports with my SHM alarm activating when the door that this device is connected to has not opened.
Due to the thickness of the door, the magnet is offset from the sensor - not much - i’ve stepped it up from the frame slightly, but there is still an offset.
This has worked perfectly for many months - could it be due to the battery weakening slightly? (It is shown as 78% currently)
I’m going to try removing and packing it off the frame more and hopefully this may fix it… if not, any other ideas?

Also - If I change it, I’m thinking of getting another xiaomi mi home contact sensor- any downside to these? I have a few on windows etc. they are under £10 each and seem to work perfectly - plus they are small and neat.

Will they become a problem as and when I port over to the new Samsung Connect app?

It is more than likely your battery. ST is horrible at reporting battery on thier devices, especially these. As it drops to the next “step” it will no longer report open or close, but will still report temperatures. Try switching it out with an approved battery type before removing it from the door.

One can only wait and see how they handle the custom device types in the new app.

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