Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor strange readings

Starting around 4:30AM this morning my Multipurpose Sensor started showing movement and low temp of 27 degrees. There is no reason for the unit to show movement since it is connected to an attic ventelator fan. The fan is not on and the temp in the attic is usually 20 degrees warmer than outside. it is 48 degrees here and the fan has been showing 27 degrees since 4:30AM. Any ideas or do I have to go up into the attic and pull the battery and reinsert?

Ghosts in your attic?

I would say the battery is getting low or it overhated

My battery says 55%

movement low temp yeah sounds like ghosts

Funny, but I need real answers. Yes maybe I have a ghost renting my attic, but he or she isn’t paying me a cent. I wrote support, but I don’t expect an answer in the near future.

It is, like I said, either the sensor got too hot and it fried or it needs a new battery. They battery level could be reading off as well.

As soon as I can get up in the attic I will, but the weather is not hot here and I just installed it in January. The previous one was the old type with AAA batteries and it was almost a year before I changed it but it did go through batteries like crazy. I am getting very frustrated with ST stuff, I have had a number of faulty devices.

Having issues with doors alarming they have been opened but really aren’t. Anyone else??

I have doors reporting the wrong condition or not seeing changes. sometimes I have to open my closet twice to get the light to turn off

Well went up into attic, and changed battery and all is back to normal. The device doesn’t report battery very well.

Battery output can also vary wildly on temperature. It was probably just cold enough for the device to stop functioning properly.

Possible, as the original older version went a full year in the cold and hot attic without a battery change. This one with the new battery type doesn’t have a battery that lasts very long, so I am going to replace it with something when it becomes available. As of now I don’t know of any brand other than ST that has a multipurpose sensor. If you know of one please let me know.