Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor: how to ignore intrusion detected?

I have a drafty old house and the doors, to which I’ve attached Samsung multipurpose sensors, frequently alarm with “intrusion detected”. Note that this is distinct from “door open” or “door closed”.

In my case, “intrusion detected” just means the door moved slightly because of the wind and there really was no intrusion. Presumably, there’s an accelerometer in these sensors and they’ve merely been triggered beyond some fixed threshold.

How can I configure it so that it ONLY ALARMS IF THE DOOR ACTUALLY OPENS? In other words, I would like to totally ignore the accelerometer, and only be sensitive to when the hall-effect or reed relay detects the door opening.

I’ve tried rummaging around the UI, and there does not appear to be any setting to force it to ignore accelerations-- yet I see I can easily configure it to be a “garage door sensor” that makes absolutely no sense, but whatever, I am ready to give this a shot anyway.

No idea on your actual problem, but I can tell you that garage door sensor means it defines open/close based on tilt instead of based on contact.

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… garage door sensor means it defines open/close based on tilt instead of based on contact.

Yeah, that’s right, and one would think that in the same dialog/window where you can configure it to be a garage door sensor you might be able make it so it is only sensitive to open/close.

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I might be oversimplifying things but if the vibration of the door is triggering the accelerometer, it suggest that you have the sensor portion of the pair on the door rather than the door frame - I would try putting the magnet on the door as it only acts to move the reed, and in my experience, has a few inches of play in what it considers “closed”.


You used to be able to disable it in the Security Smartapp, but I don’t see that option any more.


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Thanks YYCDave, you are correct.

I put the sensor portion on the door and the magnet on the door frame.

I have to do this because the frame sticks out from the wall quite a bit and by putting the magnet on the frame, I don’t have to chisel out as much wood. (see photo). Chiseling out the quarter-round is no big deal, chiseling out deeper into the frame is a non-starter for me.

This means, of course, that when wind moves the door slightly the accelerometer in the sensor might get triggered. But if this sensor can be configured to detect the acceleration profile of a garage door opening, it is disappointing that it can’t be made insensitive to motion or even have a less sensitive threshold.


If you’re using the magnet, the accelerometer shouldn’t be coming into play (unless you’ve changed the device to behave as a garage door sensor).

One option you have for space is to take the magnet out of the plastic and attach it directly. That would let you move the sensor closer to the edge which should give you more wiggle room in open/closed detection.

Thanks Dianoga,

You’re saying that the door will only show as “open” if the magnet sensor detects removal of the magnet’s field.

It could be that the magnet and sensor are too far apart. I will try a more robust way of mounting these!

If by “Intrusion Detected”, you mean that your Smart Home Monitor goes into an alarm state, then since SHM only uses open/close and motion sensors it would lead me to believe that the sensor is moving far enough from the magnet to trigger it as open. From the picture, it looks like they should be close enough unless there is a lot of movement in door. A stronger magnet may help.
The vibration/accelerometer could also be used in a custom monitoring rule in SHM but would not trigger a “normal” intrusion detected event in SHM without additional steps with virtual/simulated devices and other smart apps like WebCoRE or universal DTH app. If you look at the device in the ST (CLASSIC) app, on the Smart Apps tab for the device it should show you all apps that use the device to possibly help troubleshoot.