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Samsung SmartThings Hub (2018) discussion (Model GP-U999SJVLGDA aka V3)


Where do you enable access to 5Ghz? it doesn’t see my 5GHz network. It does see the 2.4Ghz
NOTE THIS LINE :---------------------------------->SSIDs are different. <--------------------------------------------

I’d like to move it to my 5GHz network vs my 2.4 overcroweded by the area one. It does not show my 5Ghz network desipte it having a different SSID.


I use the number to signifiy easily what band they are when I see them on my phone/tablet/laptops.

(Paul Osborne) #207

Nothing special is required to enable 5GHz; it should be supported and it should show up in the newtork list if the hub is able to see it.

Possible reasons for it not showing up might include:

  • The Wi-Fi AP being out of 5GHz range for the hub
  • The Wi-Fi AP has been configured for a band that is not supported by the regulatory region the hub was manufactured for.

The only concrete issue I am aware of which might affect things has to do with cases where more than ~64 access points are visible from the hub at the same time. In this case, some APs that are in range may not show up in the scan results. This is probably not the case in most residential environments.


Purchased direct from Amazon, US. Router is set to use US bands, so that should be good. How without doing a factory reset and wiping everything out can I change what WiFi network the hub is hooked to?

(Paul Osborne) #209

At present, a factory reset (can be a soft factory reset) is the only way to change. The most recent FW release supports entering a reconfiguration mode but support for that mode has not yet landed in the mobile application.

(Dan) #210

I’ll just leave this here…

(Chris Chan) #211

I am from Hong Kong, I bought ST v3 from amazon US. Although using the new ST connect app still can’t discover the hub. It should have a plus button to add ST v3 Hub manually. I can’t find any plus button. The Samsung support team reply that it can’t be use outside US. I am going to return to amazon.

(Paul) #212

Read that thread. You need a Samsung account assigned to a supported country.

(Chris Chan) #213

Just follow the steps. Country = United State. I hope it works. Thanks Paul !

(Brandon) #214

You had me until this. Intuitively, this might make sense, but that’s not really how things work. Based on the rest of your post, I’m sure you probably know this though.

In order to bench test that, you’d have to physically lock down bandwidth on each device or QoS a rule at the AP to only allow XYZ speed per device.

In reality, w/o complicated rules and restrictions, the network will blow up as everything competes for traffic against the other devices. Some devices will work okay, others will barely work at all, etc.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #215

I was trying to demonstrate that this is a shared medium and the more things you have on it, the less bandwidth each device has, especially when you have devices doing things, like streaming.

(fightingmajor) #216

None of your devices connected to a hub are going to use anywhere near that type of bandwidth outside of cameras which the new model doesn’t even support. You could stream on multiple devices and it’s still not going to slow any type of information these devices would send back to the hub.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #217

Every one you use as a repeater 1/2s your bandwidth, which is why I am against mesh access points. And you should never have more than 20 wireless devices attached to one wireless access point. Lower your power output and install multiples.

Wired switch connections are and always will be better than a shared wireless connection.

(Miha Zoubek) #218


i am from EU and I bought this today via Amazon. Should I cancel order, I noticed that it could be issue working in EU?

Please let me know if there is a way to get it working or I rather cancelorder.

thank you

(Jimmy) #219

I would recommend you install the SmartThings app and see if the hub is available to add


First things first. Did you buy the UK model? Otherwise it won’t have the Z wave radio for the EU.

If it is the UK model, as @prjct92eh2 suggested, try installing the app before the hub arrives and see if the hub model you ordered is listed.

(Miha Zoubek) #222

@JDRoberts and @prjct92eh2 which app, Smartthings or Smartthings Classics?
In smartthings Classics I have option to add HUB (need to enter Code), I do not see any definition which Hubs could be added.

Regarding new app, there is no option for Hubs.

If there is no option, can I buy some other hub that would work in non US or UK country?

(Dan) #223

If you can find a SmartThings Hub v2 for the EU/UK market, then you’d be all set. The latest ST Hub has not rolled out worldwide yet. The latest version released in 2018 requires the ‘New SmartThings Mobile Phone App’ to register it to your ST account. If that app doesn’t show the ability to add the hub, then it probably has not been rolled out to your country yet.

The v2 Hub can be registered to your ST account using the ‘SmartThings Classic Mobile App’. So, if you can find a v2 EU Hub, you’d be all set. If you buy used, make sure the previous owner provide the CODE for it, and that they have removed the Hub from their ST Account.


The following article in the community – created wiki lists the UK model numbers as well.

(Brandon) #225

I will preface this with my home network is individual APs tuned for my house as well as fully wired with a rack in the basement. I do not utilize a mesh network.

However, I think you are confused with old school repeaters/wireless bridging. Modern mesh networks, as they are sold now, are different. They handle the “meshing” traffic on a different radio that doesn’t 1/2 the bandwidth like older technology used to on the radio/freq you actually connect to the internet with

This works because the hardware was designed to mesh from the ground up so they added radios. Older tech reused existing radios for the meshing freq so it all had to compete.

Yes, wired will always be best, but wireless has gotten a lot better than even a few years ago.

(John Shaw) #226

Apologies for off topic but…
Did you make this jump to OpenHab?
About a year ago, I had a foray in that direction with OpenHab installed on a Windows PC along with just a few of my smart devices.
This worked OK but I found the various web interfaces confusing and only half working or only half complete in their intended functionality.
Also, the abstraction of devices, while it might be powerful was also confusing.
In addition, the mobile app was very limited in it’s capabilities compared to the ST app.
I reverted back to ST in the end as maintaining two systems was a pain.