Samsung SmartThings Hub (2018) discussion (Model GP-U999SJVLGDA aka V3)

They have decent coders, but the engineers have been instructed to work on “higher priority” issues.

Leaving a less-than-happy review online where you purchased your hub -or- in your App Store of choice gets more attention from those in marketing or product management than anything you say here in the forum…


Finished setting up the V3 last night. Basically I just used the new app to set up the hub and went back to classic for everything else. Coming from someone who has set up multiple hubs for others, ST needs to do a better job of showing people who are new to the program on how to actually set up the hub. I looked in the box to see what else was in there. A little welcome book, but did not see anywhere explaining how to even use anything. I feel its a miss on ST part. If lowering the price was meant to get more people on board, they should assume people who buy this now absolutely nothing about the product and should offer a little more hand holding in the set up process. Just my 2 cents.

BTW, running the hub via wireless instead of being directly plugged in. Just wanted to set it up this way to see how everything ran. So far so good.


The new app has a decent set of “how-to” videos.

While true, I didn’t see one where it showed how to set up the hub which should be at the top for newbies. It’s possible I missed it. A simple description in the included pamphlet would be a lot easier for someone who might not be knowledgeable on IOT might still have issues.

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Without battery backup, does anyone know what happens on a power outage?

The hub stops working, which means anything that needs to go through the hub will stop working. Which means almost everything.

It would be possible to set up a Z wave battery operated motion sensor to trigger a Z wave battery operated siren, but that’s about it as far as useful stuff if you have no power. Because of course all of your plug-in devices will also stop working whether they integrate with SmartThings or not. :disappointed_relieved:

There are some community members who have back up power supplies for their Internet router and their smartthings hub, and you could do that. But if the power is out in the rest of your house it won’t do you much good.

Since this thread is about the V3 hub, it’s important to note that This is very different than the ADT/smartthings security panel model, which does have emergency back up options. So if you are looking for a security system, I would definitely choose the ADT/smartthings model over the V3 hub model.

There are some additional discussions in the following thread but as far as the V3 hub, essentially if the power is out, the power is out. Your battery powered sensors might continue to detect something, but you won’t get any notifications and none of your automations will work.


I was referring more to whether it would lose its memory over a prolonged outage. I am aware of the other ramifications. Sorry for the confusion.

Even with my v2 hub, I plug it into a UPS that shared with the Connect Home (previously a WiFi extender) that it is hooked up to. All my other network equipment are on UPS too. The only thing that would not work during a black out are the smart plugs, light bulbs and switches. Even my garage opener and controller are on UPS.


My system is on UPS, no problem. But looking to set up a system for a non technical friend. Just wanted to make sure how the V3 would last on a power outage. I know things won’t work, just don’t want him to lose his setup.

The setup is stored in the ST cloud.


If it works like the V2, the “setup” is maintained in the cloud, not on the hub itself. The stuff that runs locally on the hub is in firmware: you don’t lose that because of a power outage.


The more I think about this the more I wish they made it PoE. I would have upgraded mine and mounted it in a central location in my house like on a ceiling instead of in the corner of my basement where it currently is. But they didn’t so maybe that’s a good thing…


Not telling you to do this because if you do it wrong, it will fry your hub BUT…

10/100MB Ethernet uses only the green and orange pair of Cat-5 wires. That means the blue and brown pairs are not used. They are used on 1000MB connections, though, so not a consideration for those type of devices but SmartThings uses a 10/100MB NIC in it.

If one were somewhat technically inclined (and it would probably violate warranties), I would imagine they could cut the wire between power supply and barrel and connect the blue wires to the same side on each device and brown on the other and extend that power wire over a Cat-5 wire in the wall…

Just proposing a possibility…

Or, just buy one of these POE power/network splitters. Just be sure to get one that ouputs the correct voltage and wattage, with the correct power plug for whatever device you’re connecting to.


I have a non-POE IP cam powered this way. Works great.


Weird situation here. Any help will be appreciated.

Missus and I were on hub v2. She received the dreaded upgrade message but she didn’t upgrade. I never received it.

Meanwhile, I bought the hub v3 aka 2018. Downloaded the new app, created Samsung Account, logged in. I see my mobile presence (iphone) but presence doesn’t work. Geolocation is fine as well. Works fine in the classic app. The mobile phone is registered in both the new and classic app.

IME, you can’t use mobile presence with both apps. At least on iOS. Pick one.

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Don’t give in to peer pressure!

After all, that’s not what the cool kids would do…


I seem to find a few reviews on Amazon that says the 3rd generation hub no longer works outside of the US. Although I know ST’s official stance has always been no support outside the official countries in which the ST Hub can be purchased through authorized retailers, I’ve had the 2nd gen US hub working in Hong Kong for a few years now without problem. Does this mean moving forward the Hubs no longer work unless it can detect a connection from the correct countries? Or is it no support will be provided for problems outside of the US but the hub WOULD work outside of the US?

At this moment, The V3 hub can’t be setup outside the USA. it has to be setup via the new app and it appears the new app only shows hubs to setup that are available in the region of your Samsung account.