Samsung SmartThings app (not Classic) doesn't show custom attributes defined in Device Handler


I am unable to see the custom attributes that I define in the Device Handler. I want to define two power sources in the device handler, but these power sources do not show up at all as separate tiles in the Samsung SmartThings app (once I’ve added the device through the Samsung SmartThings hub v3). Instead, only one tile for power source shows up, probably due to the Power Meter capability.

Custom attributes not showing up as separate tiles in the new SmartThings app (not Classic) - is this a feature that’s not yet supported? Is it due to the porting from Classic to new platform? Or am I doing something wrong? As far as I know, the tiles definition in the Device Handler is irrelevant since it has no effect on how the device page is rendered in the SmartThings app.

capability "Power Meter"

attribute "power1", "number"
attribute "power2", "number"

Not supported yet in the new app, just Classic. We’ve been told this is coming…


Custom tiles aren’t supported in the new app as yet. They have a whole different metadata scheme for the new app which will be released in future. It’s still missing many controls like video tiles etc.


You could perhaps try using a composite device with each power source as a child component device.

Thanks for the replies @johnconstantelo, @RBoy. I apologize for my late reply.

Is there any news on the release of the new metadata scheme?

I like the idea of the child component devices @orangebucket.

Have you seen child component devices working in the new Samsung SmartThings mobile app. If so, how does it look? Can anyone post a screenshot?

I think I’ve only seen it with the IKEA on/off button.

I managed to solve the issue using addChildDevice() but with isComponent = false.

Thanks for all the help!