Custom Devices to Display Info at a Glance Gone?

I had been staying away from the update to the new app, because it sounded horrible and I didn’t care for the screenshots. I have several custom devices that I use to display sensor information on, for a quick view of many devices… which appears to be totally broken in the new app. Has anybody found a workaround or is it just time to move on from SmartThings?
Device in old app on the left, new app on the right.

Custom capabilities and tiles are coming, but severely delayed, and timing is horrible with all the news about the Classic app retirement. If you’ve written custom DTH’s, then you’ll be interested in keeping up with this discussion:

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In case you are not aware, you have until October 14 to fix this to work in the new app. The Classic App that you wrote your device for will stop working on that date.

But it doesn’t seem I can even do what I was able to do in the old app, display wise… unless somebody is aware of something I haven’t seen.
My Device is fake, it’s just a display for many other devices, organized in a readable manner for a quick status check.

Or am I missing something?

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Huh, awesome they’re killing the old app without a suitable replacement for people with custom stuff… Samsung business as usual I suppose.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

You might be able to create a similar display using one of the dashboarding tools, like the ability included in webCoRE.

Wow… that thread certainly paints a scary picture for my continued use of SmartThings. I moved away from a ZStick and HomeGenie a while back, it was a grab setup and I loved the interface but support finally fell off. Tried a few other open source projects and couldn’t find anything I liked as much. Settled on SmartThings for ease to be honest, and found a way to slam my “Overview” style in it (as well as being able to dump my data back to a local MySQL server, so I could post process)… but with that stuff gone and no real end in sight, I guess I’ll start looking again.

Thanks for the help, appreciate it.

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