Questions about the new "Hub-connected devices" platform

So the new hub-connected developer tools seems to have been released here: I’ve followed the instructions and got everything setup. However, many features from my device handler in the old Smartthings app don’t show up in the new one even though the new developer platform still uses the same “Groovy IDE”. How do I implement the features as shown in the screenshot below in the new smartthings app?

I used the same DTH for the new Smartthings app since the documentation specifies to use the same old “Groovy IDE”. But it ends up looking like this. It doesn’t include everything.

Specifically, in regards to the battery, I’ve already included capability "Battery" in my DTH. However, it doesn’t show up at all like the Smartthings Multipurpose sensor DTH. What’s the correct code to implement this battery tile?

Another question I have is what exactly the “Device Plugin” at is meant for? Is it meant to add the app tiles (e.g. battery) for the DTH? Or must all the app tiles still be implemented in the “Groovy IDE”?

Lastly, when I try to add my custom device, I get this message about needing to update my “Smartthings app”. Well my app is already updated and can’t be updated anymore. So how am I supposed to get passed this?

To add to your list of questions:

In the new Samsung Connect mobile app, where are the device handler specific preference settings that are accessible via the gear in upper right corner when viewing the device in the Classic SmartThings mobile app?

The documentation hasn’t been clear on this. As I understand it, the tiles in the groovy ide do nothing in the new app. The new app is controlled by the plugin, which is somehow linked to the VID in the DTH metadata. Your best bet is to reach out through the developer relations channels of the new dev portal to try and get some clarity.

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Shoot an email over to with your questions. But for your items to show up in the new app they must be specified in the ui metadata and they must be capability based, as in not a custom attribute on the device.


I developed devices with microchips and connected them to smartthings. All the capabilities are “virtual” as the groovy interacts with the “code” on the devices. I have full flexibility in designing the “tiles” in the classic app device handler. Is there any documentation that teaches how to build the device “tile” for the new App?

The new app uses plugins. With Groovy device handlers, the plugin seems to be mapped to the vid metadata


Thank you. This is helpful.

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