Samsung SmartCam SNH-V6431BN

Is there any plans or way to integrate the Samsung SmartCam Full HD model SNH-V6431BN?

If there are no plans to officially add it/integrate it; is there some workaround to add it?

Just got this one for Christmas. Should I return it.

Depends on if integration with SmartThings is a deal breaker for you. I’m trying to make my own decision now, would really like to keep them, but might just buy the Arlo bundle from Costco as they are supported by SmartThings. It’s a shame that Samsung does not offer integration for their own cameras.

Finally after lots of researches on the community, I can integrate my Smartcam from Costco with Smartthings. I have also written my own device controller for it. With this new device controller, I can:

View the camera from outside (with the help of IP forwarding).
Turn on and off the motion detection (thanks airdrummingfool) and audio detection (TODO).

Here is the code:

Thanks a lot. Referencing the TP-Link/Kasa information threw me off a little, but figured it out.

Hey! Do You have an updated version of this custom device?