Samsung Smart Home Adapter - HD2018GH

A few days ago had this dongle on stock, but unfortunately not anymore. (At 19:40 CET 2nd of January, 2021 it still shows only 2 pieces again…)

(I ordered on the 28th of December and arrived on the 31st.)

The dongle, as advertised, works with the selected Samsung fridges.

It adds some smart control to the fridge, like setting the temperature of the fridge and freezer and turning on and off the ice cube maker and starting power cool and freeze functions.
The energy monitoring starts to work after a day only.
By functionality the fridge reports when the doors are opened and closed, and sends notifications when opened for an extended time.

Fancy feature if you have time for that, you can inventory the products in the fridge/freezer.

And it has added something like Home Care Wizard to my SmartThings app, but actually the added “SmartApp” is not recognising the fridge in a useful way. (What does it mean 1 hour of usage is required?)

Really big disappointments:

  • No option to set the device to Vacation Mode!!!
  • No device history, but that is common with the Samsung Washer as well, no surprise really. (The washer cannot be automated, or set to turn the drum when the program finished and you are not at home, this option only available from the app, not for the direct control from the machine, but it is another long story.)
  • No water usage graph/history, as my fridge is with a water dispenser with built in tank. No idea if it would give a warning if water level runs low, I really doubt that.
  • And some reviews pointed out already, no current temperature of the fridge displayed or logged, only the setpoint.
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Sounds interesting. Which model did you install it on? I have an RS68A coming this weekend, but unsure if it will be compatible. Samsung support just said they’re not available in the UK yet and couldn’t confirm if this one would work.

@DJDunk, it was a RS68N8321S9

Check the manual of the device if it talks about the dongle then it might would work.