Is smart home adapter for fridge (HD39N1230GW) available?

Is the smart things adapter available for the fridge ?
I understand it is part# HD39N1230GW
But I can’t find it anywhere.
Samsung support haven’t really helped either

It is mentioned in the fridge manual. So where do I get one ?


I doubt that it is available anymore. I was looking for the European version recently but I couldn’t find any for sale, but indeed Amazon had it a few months ago.

Otherwise it is worth to read the reviews about it, what are not so good.

I had the same question in June 2020. Finally, looks like a new one has replaced it: HD2018GH ( Samsung - Universal Smart Home Adapter). BestBuy in the US says this adapter is compatible with multiple models of refrigerators, washers, and dryers. See the overview section of this page: