Samsung refrigerator getting frost less than year old

I don’t know if this is where i ask this but my Samsung refrigerator is less than a year old and the freezer is getting lots of frost.
What do i do to stop it?

No, you need to call Samsung support. This is a known design flaw with having the icemaker in the fridge compartment. There was a service bulletin issue (see attached link) to address the issue. Yours may or may not be covered.

I had it done and it worked for awhile, but the issue came back. I do a manual defrost when it happens to clear out the excess ice buildup.

Okay but my ice maker is in the freezer, i have two doors on top to refrigerator, bottom freezer with the icemaker inside the freezer. Its worked great until recently and now there’s frost everywhere.
When you say you do a manual defrost you mean remove everything out, unplug it then let it melt?
The frost is all over in my freezer on the walls, the top drawer, the food.
Sorry I’m not mechanically inclined at all.
I will read through what you sent, thank you for the quick response.

This specific forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with the Samsung smartthings home automation platform. Community members may have some suggestions for you, but typically for appliances you get the answers by going to the official support forum, which is staffed by Samsung employees:

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