Samsung R3 multi room speaker

I brought a new Samsung R3 360 speaker yesterday which so far I’m very impressed with, sound is beautiful and easily fills the room. I’m planning to add more soon for a multi room setup. One of the deciding factors over this was “works with smartthings” printed on the retail box.

Whilst smartthings detects the speaker and I can play, pause, control volume and mute etc I find currently no TTS implementation is working. I have tried many apps through the mobile app and IDE, they all appear to work in live log but never produce any sound via the speaker.

I emailed smartthings support and was told it is not currently a “works with smartthings” device despite the retail packaging stating otherwise. Their recommendation was to reach out to the community for TTS implementation.

Has anybody got either the R1 or R3 speakers to work with TTS yet?, any ideas I could try to get this working?.