Samsung R3 and R5 MultiRoom speakers

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Can someone tell me what will happen to my Samsung R3 multiroom speakers after I migrate to the new app?


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And also the Samsung WAM Shape speakers that at the moment work fine on the Classic app, I’m assuming they won’t work anymore with the new app.

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I am sorry; however, I am not able to nor willing to change the code to the new infrastructure. It is quite simply for professional coders only. At 71, I do not have the energy to learn yet another coding platform.

Anyone is welcome to modify my code to work with the new environment. Dave

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I am not using your DTH. I am using whatever it defaulted to when I added it to ST. I would like to hear what an employee from @SmartThings can tell me is going to happen to my Samsung R3 MultiRoom Speaker during this current new app debacle.