Samsung R1 speaker big delay in notification

Is there an option to fix this? Moved to these speakers since Sonos wouldn’t work with Amazon Dot (and they’re more than half the price) but not going to work with such a delay the kids are out the door with it closed before the alert goes off that it opened.

I’ll add that in the app there is no delay.

I also just had Uverse replace our router, not sure if that could do anything. SmartThings is plugged in directly to the router.

mine has been working relatively fast from a contact closure. However other things are broken with the Samsung wireless speaker reporting SmartAlarm notifications, :frowning:

I just set up my R1 to cover the 3 main doors in my apartment to say when they are open. It is delayed about 2-3 secs (From breaking connection, to speaker sound). I wouldn’t expect it to be instantaneous given that it has to go to the ST Hub, then send out a message to the speaker.

I am having a different issue with them not going back to TV after… going to start a thread on that.

When I had Sonos connected it was pretty much instant. My delay is at least 3 seconds, more like 5.

My R6 has a delay of between 5-15 seconds.
Interestingly, while playing music, it only takes about 1-2 seconds for the music to stop, so the actual signal that something is on its way seems to reach the R6 quickly enough, just it takes another 3-14 seconds for the actual output.

Very disappointing, its useless like that and hope its gonna be fixed soon

Hi all, I just bought two R1’s and I notice a 10’second delay between the event and the Speech output. Has anyone found a solution as yet?? Thanks

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I am also noticing a delay. Using webcore or a directly supported smartapp

I have three Samsung R1 and same issue with delay of 5 to 8 seconds, its not ideal for sure. You would think samsung could do better than this with their integration’s. I also have a PC running VLC thing and the announcements are very quick 2 to 3 seconds in fact it can speak “alert office window movement detected” and by the time it finishes saying that phrase the samsungs have just started playing the same announcement. I am guessing that this has something to do with the hardware processing since from my understanding they are downloading/streaming a file its possible that the chipset in the samsung is too slow and is introducing the delay as it begins processing. Just theorizing but not sure what else would cause the delay. Might be able to test this theory with wireshark and check from time file is receiving by samsung to time its starts playing. Will give it a try when I have more time.

Ive noticed the delay fluctuates for me, it made me think it could be a bandwidth issue as I only have 10mb internet. I added my R1 to the priority list in my QOS and it seems to help, about a 2-3 second delay most of the time.

Side note, I really wish samsung would queue the messages so they dont cut each other off…